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Anomaly Report for #Helios 09 & 10 – 27 September

Posted by on Sep 28, 2014 in Anomaly | 0 comments

Resistance have won the Helios anomaly series!

The Resistance steamed ahead in Munich capturing over 400 portals despite the Enlightened being able to create 94 links.


The battle was tough in Gothenburg with the leader changing every measurement. The Resistance managed to win by only 4.4 points



In Riga, the battle began very close until the enlightened took the lead with a covering field in the last measurement


Both sides won 3 additional cells each. The Enlightened managed to capture over 4 million mind units across the cells compared to the Resistance’s 3 million.

CellsAll Cities

In Tacoma, the Resistance lead by a large margin for the most of it until the last measurement where there was only a single point between the two sides


Sacramento was an entirely Enlightened dominated affair.


Vancouver was a relatively quite event with only 294 points between the two sides, almost equal to 1 measurement from Tacoma.


With only a single checkpoint to fight for, the Enlightened won 2 cells including the volatile and the Resistance won 4 cells.

Additional Cells

The Resistance’s win in Tacoma was big enough to defeat the Enlightened’s win in Sacramento and Vancouver.

All cities

Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.61.2]

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Game, Updates | 0 comments

Welcome back to another teardown. This version of 1.61.2, much like previous, is currently on its 1% rollout via the Google Play Store. A lucky number of you agents have this build already. The rest of us will have it when its ready. So lets dig in.



In APK since 1.55.0

There is not much that can continue to be talked about in regards to Missions. The only new elements we got this version was the actual android UI layouts for a few mission key features. We saw the addition of the Mission Passphrase Overlay. This is for entering passwords  (possible mission requirements).  This overlay is located in the same code as the COMMs. So it may work similarly to that. Images were added named

  • pass_arrow_[min/max].png
  • pass_arrow_[min/max]_down.png

I’m not sure how up / down arrows relate to entering passwords, but those are there nonetheless.

Strings accompanying these new layouts were as follows:

<string name=”HINT_ENTER_PASSPHRASE”>Enter passphrase</string>
<string name=”PROGRESS_CHECKING”>Checking…</string>
<string name=”ENTER”>ENTER</string>

At this point, I believe Missions are ready. The amount of changes were so low compared to previous versions that Missions must be complete. EDIT NOTE: Missions have been declared as going live NOW by ingress account. User created missions will be slowly staged starting with top level agents/google/niantic employees.

Particle Animations

Prior to 1.61.2 all particle animations were done using a smoothstep function. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know what that is, but maybe someone will. Point being, the particle system now has an option between using linear animations or smoothstep animations. Not sure how many devices this will affect or if the change will be noticeable, but keep an eye out.

Nitty Gritty

  • Knobs
    • [removed] enableMultiItemRecycle
    • [removed] minimumDogfoodBuildVersionCode
  • Build Date
    • Built Sept 23
    • Obtained Sept 24


This was a very small teardown. I’ve looked a couple times in hopes I missed something, but that didn’t appear to be the case. This version was probably the last cycle of Mission development. Check Ingress news in the upcoming days. We will probably see an official announcement for a feature we’ve been hinting at for weeks. Enjoy agents.

Anomaly Report for #Helios DICE – 24 September

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Anomaly | 0 comments

The Resistance lead in all three measurements to win the #Helios DICE anomaly by 170 points and earn 1 more Helios Point.

The Helios Points currently sit at Res:33 – Enl:21

21 Helios Artifacts are currently captured: Res:16 – Enl: 5

There are 19 Helios Artifacts remaining worth 1 point each and Helios anomalies 09 and 10 are worth 4 points each leaving a total of 27 points still up for grabs.

Tune in this weekend for the Helios Grand Finale

DICE Scores


Quick update on additional cells for Helios 09 and 10

As of Checkpoint 21 the Additional cells are as follows:

For Helios 09: Res: 3 – Enl:3

For Helios 10*: Res: 3 – Enl:3

*The rules for Helios 10 haven’t been released yet, so I am still unsure if it is going to be Septicycle 36 or 37 counting towards the results but if the anomaly starts at the usual time of 2pm local time, the first checkpoint of cycle 37 will be the only one that counts. If it starts only 1 hour earlier, all of cycle 36 will count.

Cell update

Code Breaking 101: Keyword Substitutions

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in Code Breaking 101 | 0 comments

After figuring out the encoding method for a code and finally getting something that’s in the proper passcode format. You attempt to redeem the passcode only to get back: Invalid passcode. It’s time for a keyword substitution!

Artist rendition of a keyword sub.

Artist rendition of a keyword sub. Thanks Dean Nielson (@REDMAN247)

Where to look

Here are some ideas to consider when figuring out keyword substitutions:

  • Niantic Project Wiki – this is normally the first place I look for substitutions. Just put the word that needs to be substituted into the search box and see what happens. It’s also an excellent resource to find full names of Niantic characters and the companies they represent, both of which are common keyword substitutions
  • Glyphs – if a keyword is really short, chances are it is a Glyph. Daniel Beaudoin‘s Glyphtionary is the one I like to use
  • Google/Wikipedia – depending on the word(s) that need to be substituted, a search will definitely help. Famous scientists/authors make up a portion of the list of keywords and the words you look up could be their experiments or publications
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus – sometimes just knowing the definition of a word or a synonym could help you find the substitution
  • Other languages – you’ll often find a transposition of a code that matches the passcode format but the keyword portion is non-English, translating it into English could lead to the keyword
  • Common sense – over complicating things is a decoder’s absolute worst nightmare, especially when it gets mixed in with keyword substitutions
  • Context – the place where the code is found is usually a clue, especially if the code just contains a prefix and suffix.

We’ll take a look at some examples of some past codes that needed substitution. All codes will be in the following format:





Looking at character pairs:

44 35 26 30 44 53 26 44 12 43 18

There are 11 pairs of numbers in the code. Looking at the numbers position in the passcode format, we see they are greater than the other positions except the middle pair. We’ll try translating the numbers from 0123456789 into 9876543210:

55 64 73 69 55 46 73 55 87 56 81

We are left with this after a decimal to ASCII translation:

[email protected]

64 is just one away from 65 which would make it the letter A.

The proper approach would be to subtract each pair from 100. The previous method effectively subtracted each pair from 99.

56 65 74 70 56 47 74 56 88 57 82


The prefix and suffix parts of the passcode are there but the keyword is a / character. By looking for the shape on the Glyphtionary, it could be one of many glyphs:









Trying all 5 words, we’ll see that the / is representing Loss





The code looks like it is in the passcode format but reversed. So reversing it reveals:


We’ll have to search for Anderson 1936. The search on Wikipedia shows the page for Carl David Anderson who in 1936 discovered the muon. Muon is a known keyword.


Common Sense


There are two codes highlighted in this page.

Top Code



Converting the symbols to their QWERTY keyboard numeric equivalents:

2cwq3 27431 g5m8n

Searching for the numbers don’t reveal anything too useful. Looking down at the list of known keywords, we see symbol is a keyword, and it works!


Bottom Code



Trying to figure out what these 3 glyphs/words have in common would take a while and will probably lead us into a rabbit hole. Instead, substituting the keyword glyphs makes the passcode valid.






No mention of the keyword so we’ll have to use clues surrounding the given code pieces to find a keyword. The code is on a green bar that shows the Enlightened score. Green and Enlightened are keywords.


What’s next?

The next article will feature more examples of keyword substitutions.

Helios 09 & 10 Additional Cells CP 15 Update

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Anomaly | 0 comments

After some emphatic agent feedback, we’d like to add:

For Helios #10 the battle will rage into the next cycle where the first measurement will be the one that counts. Prepping those fields now may lead to a great payoff for when the cycle rolls over!

Roughly mid way through the Septicycle towards the final 2 rounds of Helios and the battle rages on in 12 cities around the world.

For Helios 09, the score is split with 3 cells for each side with Lisbon being the closest.

For Helios 10, the Enlightened currently hold 4 of the 6 cities but New York is locked in a close battle with only about 60 k MU between the two sides.

Stay tuned for more updates.

cycle 36 cp 15

This Week in Niantic History, Sept. 15th-19th, 2014

Posted by on Sep 19, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back to This Week in Niantic History!


So let’s begin with what was revealed on September 15th, 2013:


One year ago today another page from the work of Tycho C. emerged. 

It continued the adventure taken by Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis when they fled the Niantic Project facility during Epiphany Night.

How it ties into the story: The adventure continues and it seems ADA is guiding Devra and Jarvis every step of the way…


On September 16th, 2013, another document surfaced:


It was a conversation between ADA and J. Phillips. Seems that ADA is trying to stop Omnivore from hunting her down and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

How it ties into the story: ADA is on the defensive against Omnivore although no one is sure why.



On September 17th, 2013, another document surfaced:


It was a series of conversations between Yuen Ni, first to Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and then to Zeke Calvin. Ni congratulates Wolfe on joining Hulong Transglobal but then learns from Calvin that Wolfe is ‘severely damaged’ and that there are forces with possible intent to hurt him.

How it ties into the story: Wolfe begins his work at Hulong and is shortly going to be supplied Dark XM. What he does with it…well, you’ll see.


On September 18th, 2013, another document surfaced:

Almost Human

It was a conversation between H. Richard Loeb and ADA. In it, ADA notes how she is ‘almost human’ and she reveals that Klue has gone off the grid after viewing the Glyph Sequence.

How it ties into the story: Klue is missing at the time and no one, not even ADA knows where she is.


And finally, on September 19th, 2013, the twenty-sixth installment of the Ingress Report is released to the public: