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Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #007.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-26

Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Code Breaking 101 | 0 comments

Decoding Tools

The format for this passcode is: [2-9][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]

Difficulty Rating: (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):

Source of document:


How/where to find the source of the passcode:

With Jojo’s Word of the Day, you usually check the source code of the HTML document to uncover the puzzle to solve. Looking at the end of line 3 in the source code

4 6715268210684569672069946838206819043034663710682323062876544486


The number 4 is separated from the rest of the string, this usually is a hint.

4 could mean anything but the length of the string is 64, which has a divisor of 4. So dividing it into blocks of 4 seems sensible.


Passcode solution:

As with the previous walkthrough, each line can be interpreted as individual data points in a data set. Searching them individually will not be helpful but searching multiple terms together can guide us to a solution. Try looking up: 6715 2682 1068 4569 in your favourite search engine.

Depending on the search engine, you’ll likely find results that refer to Messier objects. Starting in mid June 2014, JoJo’s Word of the Day codes usually follow a theme for about a week and the week we’re looking at deals with space.

As a reference, we’ll be using this website:

The numbers above correspond to NGC (New General Catalogue) in the table, so gathering our information in a table:


NGC M Sect Pg PA Dec
6715 54 4 11 18:55.1 -30.5
2682 67 1 11 8:50.4 11.8
1068 77 0 2 2:42.7 0.0
4569 90 2 6 12:36.8 13.2
6720 57 3 14 18:53.6 33.0
6994 73 5 16 20:59.0 -12.6
6838 71 5 9 19:53.8 18.8
2068 78 1 1 5:46.7 0.1
1904 79 1 4 5:24.5 -24.6
3034 82 2 20 9:55.8 69.7
6637 69 4 9 18:31.4 -32.4
1068 77 0 2 2:42.7 0.0
2323 50 1 9 7:03.2 -8.4
628 74 0 1 1:36.7 15.8
7654 52 0 7 23:24.2 61.6
4486 87 2 8 12:30.8 12.4

(table is truncated)

Looking at the data we have, the M (Messier Number) column presents us with numbers within the range of decimal numbers for A-Z and 0-9.

54 67 77 90 57 73 71 78 79 82 69 77 50 74 52 87

Converting decimal to ASCII


Passcode items gained:

400 AP
100 XM
L1 Resonator (2)
L5 Xmp Burster (2)
Portal Shield (1)


Anomaly Report for #Helios 02 – 26 July

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in Anomaly | 1 comment

Round 2 of #Helios was a very close battle between the two factions with only 1.6 points difference before factoring in the cell scores showing that in this series, every portal in every city will count.


Both Teams won 3 Additional Cells each but with Bangkok being the Volatile, the Enlightened got the boost.


The battle was fierce in San Diego with the Resistance covering the city with a field contributing 131 points to their score but the Enlightened won by controlling most of the portals (R:99 – E:148) and volatile portals (R:6 – E:14)

San Diego

In Boston, the Enlightened had a covering field for the first 2 measurements earning them 33.6 points but when the field came down, their score was significantly boosted with 27 links established earning them 81 points. The bulk of the resistance’s score came from controlling the Volatile Portals (R:130 pts – E:60 pts)


In Philadelphia, The Resistance won almost all scoring categories except for portals in the 3rd measurement where the Enlightened tried to fight back.


Stay tuned for continued coverage of the #Helios Anomaly series.

This Week in Niantic History, July 21st-25th, 2014

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back to This Week in Niantic History.


So let’s begin with what was revealed on July 21st, 2013: study

It was a draft of a research project that Carrie Campbell, now in Hamburg, had attempted to begin at the Niantic Project. She believes that the Shaper Glyphs might have been secretly part of human history…

How it ties into the story: The double-blind Glyph study might have something to do with her being in Hamburg as well as her analysis of the Vision Journal…


On July 22nd, 2013, another document came to light:


It was the second page of Carrie’s Vision Journal. H. Richard Loeb believes that the pages, slowly leaking from an unknown source, might hold the keys to understanding the Shaper Glyphs…

On July 23rd, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was the third page of Carrie’s Vision Journal. Loeb asks the community about the effects of Shaping through XM throughout the course of human history: While today’s Journal page will certainly require much thought, I was particularly struck by the idea of ‘Shaping’ and what that might mean, not just today, but across time. My question today is, how might ‘Shaping’ have affected us across time? What major figures in our past may have been Shaped, and how might this have affected the today we exist in now? See the thread here at for the results.


On July 24th, 2013, another Vision Journal Page was leaked: epiphany4

Along with it, a message from the unknown source that sent them to Loeb: The Last of the first…   Loeb and the community, now armed with all of the pages, asks the community for them to develop a solid hypothesis on the nature of the Vision Journal and how they relate to the Glyphs. See the thread here for the dialogue:



And finally, on July 25th, 2013,  the eighteenth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public:

In the episode, Susanna Moyer talks about the upcoming Operation Minotaur on August 3rd, a series of Enlightened and Resistance operations top the Mind Unit score to 1 billion, Agents from both factions begin to decode and unravel the first wave of Shaper Glyphs, rumors of new comics by Tycho at Comic-Con surface and new updates of the Ingress Scanner begin to activate.


What secrets will the Vision Journal Pages reveal? What are the stakes of Operation Minotaur?


As always, tune into DeCode Ingress to see what happened next in Niantic History!

The Global Battle to Defeat Devra’s Portal Virus

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 in Control Fields | 0 comments

The battle has begun to defeat Devra’s Portal virus which increased the natural decay rate of portals.

What is the Devra Portal Virus?
During an episode of the Ingress Report, Devra Bogdanovich unleashes a Portal Virus that increased the portal decay rate from 15% a day to 34%.

How can the Devra Portal Virus be stopped?
From the research of Martin Schubert, it was determined that if the combined (Enlightened / Resistance) Global MU Level is above 700 Million at the end of the first Helios anomaly, it may return the decay rate back to 15%.

What is #TealOrNoDeal?
#TealOrNoDeal is a global cross faction effort to build alternating layered fields to hit the 700 Million Global MU required to stop the virus. If you’d like us to share the SitReps of your Operations, share the post on Google+ with the hashtags #DecodeIngress and #TealOrNoDeal

Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #006.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-24

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Code Breaking 101 | 0 comments

Decoding Tools

The format for this passcode is: [2-9][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]


Difficulty Rating: (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):


Source of document:

How/where to find the source of the passcode:


With Jojo’s Word of the Day, you usually check the source code of the HTML document to uncover the puzzle to solve. Looking at the end of line 3 in the source code we see:




The text as shown makes absolutely no sense, which would normally mean running it through atbash or a caesar cipher. In this case, it actually needs to rearranged into blocks. There are 140 characters in the string, 140 has divisors of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 28, 35, 70, 140. After an exhaustive search, we find that splitting the above text into 14 rows of 10 gives us:



Reading the text vertically from the top-left gives us:



Passcode solution:

Splitting the new string into logical pieces based on English words:

laboratory furnace hercules the river laboratory furnace crane fox american indian arrow little bear crosshairs twins plowman crosshairs american indian unicorn

Time to figure out why these terms are related. Searching the first few terms brings us to a website that mentions constellations:

Reorganizing our data based on this new information:


English Name Abbreviation Constellation Genitive
laboratory furnace For Fornax Fornacis
hercules Her Hercules Herculis
the river Eri Eridanus Eridani
laboratory furnace For Fornax Fornacis
crane Gru Grus Gruis
fox Vul Vulpecula Vulpeculae
american indian Ind Indus Indi
arrow Sge Sagitta Sagittae
little bear UMi Ursa Minor Ursae Minoris
crosshairs Ret Reticulum Reticuli
twins Gem Gemini Geminorum
plowman* Boo Bootes Bootis
crosshairs Ret Reticulum Reticuli
american indian Ind Indus Indi
unicorn Mon Monoceros Monocerotis

*plowman is not actually found on the page, but it is equivalent to herdsman with a simple search

Looking at the data we have, the first letter of each Abbreviation presents an interesting pattern:


Referencing the pattern: [2-9][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]

VISUR is a known keyword, we need to replace the letters with their numeric equivalents:


Passcode items gained:

400 AP

300 XM

L7 Resonator (2)

L3 Xmp Burster (2)

Portal Shield (1) (Common)


What we’ve observed with Jojo’s Word of the Day codes recently is that they are based around a theme for about a week. This code is the beginning of the constellation theme and you will see a similar code in the next passcode walkthrough.