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Ingress Scanner 2.0: Explorer/Pioneer Portal Card Beacons

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Game, Scanner | 0 comments

What would you like to see in your Ingress Scanner 2.0 when it comes out?
Creating hype and handing all of this to Niantic for consideration is the aim of the authors.


     ADVISORY: This series of posts is a wishlist and it only speculates about hypothetical (yet very useful) upcoming features which won’t be necessarily included in a “real” release. What’s presented herein and in future related posts may or may not get noticed and adopted. Having said that, read on.


     Hello, Agents. Minor and major features have been added to the Scanner as the game itself evolved. From the old school FPS count, the static Deploy and Mod screen, to the latest addition: multi-recycle. Much of this has been added by public input and suggestion. So we introduce you to a new form of wish list, talking about features we think they should be in next Niantic’s super-release. Agents @Roby65 and @keijo will walk you through.

Today’s Episode: The Explorer/Pioneer Portal Card Beacons


   If you’re a hardcore hacker, you have probably passed by the same Portals over and over. Perhaps you even have a farm with fellow Agents you visit frequently. But, what if the Scanner had an extra notification to indicate if haven’t hacked or captured that Portal at least once? What would that alert look like?

   Agent @pacifico disclosed in a G+ post, this neat feature that could let us know if the Portal has already added to our Explorer/Pioneer count:

     Below the Portal Key icon, there could be two squares which indicate our status regarding the Portal, whether we already hacked or captured it, at least once. If the Portal has been already hacked/captured, these will disappear, meaning the hack/capture actions have already counted for the medal, or vice-versa, showing up if we already hacked/captured it:

     On a different approach, the beacons would appear  near the corresponding Portal buttons, to help new players easily understand the concept:


     This feature would come up very handy for Agents particularly in high Portal density areas; how easy is it to miss a group of unvisited Portals for whatever reason? By having the Explorer/Pioneer beacons, one could quickly tell if the cluster up front is missing a Portal or two  for “The Badges”.

     Stay tuned for our next release!

This Week in Niantic History, July 14th-18th, 2014

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators and welcome iOS Agents! My name is Mustafa Said and I am the Lead Story Expert for DeCode Ingress. What I do here is known as This Week in Niantic History. Every Friday, I’ll take a series of updates from the Niantic Investigation that were released one year ago and bring to light what was revealed in the Niantic Investigation at that particular time. In fact, I’ll go one step beyond. I intend to take the week’s worth of Intel and connect it to the present day. 


So let’s begin with what was released on July 14th, 2013:


It was a letter from Devra Bogdanovich, who was working with Visur Technology at the time. The letter was her stance on the nature of XM and how she sided with Visur.

How it ties into the story: The letter was an attempt, the way that P.A Chapeau described it, to soften Visur’s public image….


On July 15th, 2013, another document leaked:


It was an internal conversation between Lorazon, the head of IQTech security and Isabel Devitt, one of IQTech’s contracted associates. The plan: To enter the shuttered Niantic Facility and retrieve the remaining scientists at the area….

How it ties into the story: The plans to retrieve the scientists wasn’t just on IQTech’s minds at this moment….


On July 16th, 2013, another document leaked:


It was an internal conversation between Catherine Fan, the CEO of Hulong Transglobal and Antoine Smith, one of Hulong’s associates. The situation that IQTech started now had their interests. Hulong’s plan: Get the scientists before IQTech did.

How it tied into the story: The 3 XM Development Corporations now had their eyes turned to Geneva and the old, shutdown Niantic Facility…


On July 17th, 2013, another document was leaked:


In this conversation between Yuen Ni, the former NIA Directer and Overseer of the Niantic Project and Zeke Calvin, a director of the Niantic Project now working for IQTech, the plans that Hulong and IQ had put into place had begin to spin more and more….

How it ties into the story: Hulong and IQTech were mobilizing to control the facility and the people in it. Now, behind the scenes, Calvin began to make his move…..


And finally, on July 18th, 2013, the seventeenth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public:

Ingress Apk / Scanner Teardown [1.56.0]

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Game, Updates | 0 comments

Welcome to the 5th teardown at Decode Ingress. With us is Android version 1.56.0. This version is currently on a staged rollout. Assuming no errors crop up for those on 1.56.0, it should hit all scanners shortly. Nothing is immediately visible in this release, except for bigger physical buttons to click and the News of the Day feature is now live. However, as we now know. We can dig beneath whats visible and peek into the APK itself for a closer look. Lets teardown 1.56.0 






In APK since (1.55.0)


First discovered in 1.55.0, missions have seen a significant amount of development. No visual changes in-game yet, but the ideas/structure of the feature becomes more clear. So far the following actions have been programmed. So missions so far can require

  • Installing a Mod on a specific portal
  • Hack a specific portal
  • Link from a specific portal
  • Capture a specific portal
  • Anchor a field from a specific portal

Any combination of the above list are the initial actions possible.

Completing / Viewing Missions

Once a mission is completed, you are asked “Did you like this mission?“. This simple question forms the “5% of agents liked this” stat that appears on the mission list. The following stats appear on the mission view

  • Percent of agents who liked that mission
  • Average time to complete mission
  • Number of agents to play mission (not sure if completed equals played)


  • Mission Markers (dark and light)
  • Stats (Completed, grey-ed out, incomplete)
  • big-arrow / like / time / walk

The above list shows all related new parts of Missions. From layouts to design, pieces of the display functionality are being added. It appears most of these elements will lay over your scanner while a mission is active. Think like a Mission HUD.


For those who play in locations where basic ASCII characters cannot describe portals. You may be interested in this tidbit of news. We found an entire new UTF8 parser. This handles text in hopes to prevent previous errors of searching / ordering for all characters that are used around the world.

Note: We have noticed that leading spaces are included with this new parser. Portal names with leading spaces will appear first on the sorted list.

News of the Day

This feature went live for everyone in 1.56.0 with the addition of the “publishedTimestamp” attribute. It appears on application launch for any news story that you missed regarding Ingress.

Popup during launch of 1.56.0

Pop up during launch of 1.56.0


Nitty Gritty


  • Deprecated: enableProfileLink
  • Deprecated: enableShareButton

Build / Leak Dates

  • Built on July 8
  • Leaked on July 13

Other Things

Sharing another Agent profile now has separate messages for your profile vs others.

TEXT_PROFILE_SHARING_MESSAGE:Ljava/lang/String; = “#Ingress agent profile.”
TEXT_MY_PROFILE_SHARING_MESSAGE:Ljava/lang/String; = “My #Ingress agent profile.”

Buttons have seen an increase in size and font size.

Conclusion of 1.56.0

All work is going towards Missions and bug-fixes it seems. Now that iOS is out in the wild on 1.53.0, it begs the question if versions among the two platforms will remain out of sync. I doubt Niantic would like features reaching one platform before another. So we may see features 100% developed, but disabled server-side until both platforms are ready. As of now (July 13), Android is on a staged rollout of 1.56.0, while iOS launched on 1.53.0.

DeCode Ingress Welcomes Apple iOS Agents

Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Tips | 1 comment

apple ingress

Logo Featured in Apple App Store for Ingress



 The App

We welcome Ingress to the Apple App Store. Please grab the application and continue reading on for important details about Ingress.

  • Version 1.53.0
  • 43.7MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Screenshot from iPhone

Screenshot from iPhone

Screenshot from iPad

Screenshot from iPad

Screenshot from iPhone

Screenshot from iPhone

Screenshot from iPaod

Screenshot from iPaod


“The world around you is not what it seems. It’s happening all around you. They aren’t coming. They’re already here.”  These are the words that highlight the core of Ingress.  A story of intrigue, subterfuge, and incursion.  We have an ingression of energy (XM), and extra-dimensional creatures called Shapers, into our world.  The questions that are asked: are they friend or foe, are they intent on helping us or taking us over, and will you choose to be Enlightened or Resistance.

The world is not what it seems


What is Ingress?

Anomaly Report for #Helios New Agent Inititive

Posted by on Jul 13, 2014 in Game | 0 comments

Hi everyone, my name is Jordon. I’m one of the new recruits here at Decode Ingress reporting on the anomaly series and analysing the scores as they happen with my Scorecards.

Today in Montreal, Chattanooga and Toronto both sides went head to head in the New Agent Initiative.

First off, in Montreal, it was a hard fought battle with the Res winning the first Measurement (R:2,491  - E:1,853), but the Enl fought back in measurements 2 (R:1,049 – E:1,149) and 3 (R:499 – E:2,077 ) to win the city.

The Res almost had a clean sweep in Chattanooga (R:4,798 – E:696), winning almost every category of scoring much like the Enl did in Toronto (R:871 - E:8,877)

#Helios NAI

Overall, there were 1,484 portals claimed at measurement time. More than 25% were level 1 portals but but there were more Level 7 portals than there was level 2 and 3 portals combined.

#Helios NAI portal lvls

Coming up on July 26, #Helios 01:



This Week in Niantic History, July 7th-11th, 2014

Posted by on Jul 12, 2014 in Stories | 0 comments

Good afternoon, Agents and Investigators! My name is Mustafa Said and welcome back to This Week in Niantic History!


So let’s begin with what was revealed on July 11th, 2013:

This NIA Intelligence Report reveal that the three XM Dev Corps are all keeping a watchful eye on Hank Johnson as Operation #Voynich approaches…

How it ties into the story: As the anomaly drew closer, it was revealed that the XM Corps might have been attempting to leverage the anomaly into their own personal goals.


On July 8th, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was Hank’s reply to Zeke Calvin’s request to protect Carrie in Hamburg. In the reply, Johnson lays out his terms, that Zeke’s IQTech friend Lorazon had to be removed from the attempt to protect Carrie Campbell and that once she was safe, he would have control of her Vision Journal….

How it ties into the story: The pages of Carrie’s Vision Journal were at stake at the anomaly. It seemed like there was massive value contained in them…


On July 9th, 2013, another document was leaked:

trueblue (1)

What does it mean to be neutral? Must a journalist and an investigator have no identity of their own, or must they instead be who they are, but always allow the truth to prevail, even when the truth stands against them?” -H. Richard Loeb. 

P.A Chapeau becomes Resistance and promises to not let his new alignment cloud his bias.

How it ties into the story: Chapeau had remained neutral as possible up to this point. Now, after years of trying to keep out of the factional divide he has finally picked a side.


On July 10th, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was a intelligence report from IQTech who had been watching Visur…who had been tracking down Hank Johnson during the Cross Plains Anomaly.

How it ties into the story: It provides further revelations into what occurred with Hank and Hulong during the aftermath of Cross Plains.


And finally, on July 11th, 2013, the sixteenth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public: