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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Game | 21 comments

Ingress: Portal Levels and Link range

So we did a lot of research and found out the exact formula for portal range. It’s tied to average level of resonators, and here is it:

Portal Range = 160 m * (Average Resonators Level ^ 4)

Also its a bit rounded, so instead 40960 m its 40 km. This is possibly only to display less numbers players, and that in fact full portal range is still enforced in the game…

Here is Graph for Range:
And here is a bit more mathematic analysis:

Here is part of what we know about ingress portal levels with deployed set of resonators and its range:

8 x L1 = 160m = 8000 Energy

1 x L2 7 x L1 = 256 m = 8500 Energy

1 x L3 7 x L1 = 390 m = 9000 Energy

3 x L2 5 x L1 = 571 m = 9500 Energy

1 x L3 2 x L2 5 x L1 = 810 m = 10000 Energy

2 x L3 6 x L1 = 1100 m = 10000 Energy

1 x L3 4 x L2 3 x L1 = 1500 m = 10500 Energy

3 x L3 1 x L2 4 x L1 = 2000 m = 11500 Energy

4 x L3 4 x L1 = 2600 m = 12000 Energy

3 x L3 3 x L2 2 x L1 = 4100 m = 12500 Energy

3 x L3 3 x L2 1 x L1 = 4400 m = 13000 Energy

4 x L3 4 x L2 = 6200 m = 14000 Energy

2 x L5 4 x L4 2 x L3 = 40000 m = 20000 Energy

8 x L2 = 2.6km

8 x L3 = 12km

8 x L4 = 40km

8 x L5 = 100km

8 x L6 = 207km

8 x L7 = 384km

8 x L8 = 655km

Resonators energy levels:

Level 1 : 1k

Level 2 : 1.5k

Level 3 : 2k

Level 4 : 2.5k

Level 5 : 3k

Level 6 : 4k

Level 7 : 5k

Level 8 : 6k

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  1. So if all my res are L1 i can only link to another portal if it’s 160 meters away?

  2. Imagine the possibility of Cover with three 8xL8 portals…

    • I can imagine it, but also I can imagine how hard it will be…

      • exactly, remember that an agent can only place a singly L8 resonator, so it would take 8 level 8 agents to create a single Lvl8 keystone portal.

        • I know that this is an old post but I have found portals that have level 8 resonators, all from the same agent, on the intel map.

          • This portal depending on which faction it belongs too has been hit with either a Jarvis virus for the enlightened or an ada virus for the resistance

    • I’m envisioning a Control Field going from Detroit to Toronto to Cleveland within a month or so. And it would be beautiful, but impossible due to the fact that you can’t link portals that cross over other links. But it would be technically possible.

  3. Thanks for this info on resonator levels; I have been looking for something like this.

  4. do you know if MU score is for local or is wordwide result? Enlightnment did a spectacular turnaround and I do not know if it is global result or a local one

  5. any idea what happens when a control field would overlap an existing opposition field ? does it block the new field ? what about if a new field completely engulfs an older smaller opposition field ?

    • Nothing, first you can’t make a link to overlap other links. In second case if you surround enemy or friendly CF with your links, they will not create field, it will be shown on map just as the links!

    • I surrounded several blue fields with one big green field. As long as no links cross other links, its possible. So what Bojan Cincur said is incorrect. There was a green field showing overlayed all over the smaller blue fields inside it, on the ingame and intel maps. Noone inside the large field can make any more links or fields, but that seemed to be the only effect. They took down my large field quite quickly, probably they didnt like being restricted ;)

      • Great, thank you for sharing, I got it later but forgot to update the post. Will do it later. Hope your field survive longer next time…

    • The intel map shows links that are much longer than the ones indicated by the math in this thread. I found one between two level five portals, in Ontario Canada that is about 1000 km.

  6. How is it possible to place 16 resonators on one portal. ?

  7. There are mods to extend link range.

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