Ingress: Control Fields and Links to the Inside Portals


Ever felt tempted to make huge control field, but afraid that you can’t link to any of the portals left inside. Well you fears are almost right to mark, lets explain:

Lets set some ground rules:

  • Links are made between 2 portals, and they can’t cross other links.
  • Control fields are made by 3 or more portals inter linked.

So when you make huge control field you can’t link outside portals to ones that are inside of field?

Yes. Following do not cross link rule!

Can we than make link with 2 portals that are inside of control field?

No, this is also impossible.

What can we do with inside portals than, nothing?

Not right either, there is a way to link inside portal. But with one limitation. Portal that initiate link needs to be on the edge of control field. So if your field is triangle you can only initiate link from that 3 portals to inside portals. You can’t initiate link from inside portal to end of field portal.

Then there is no problem, I will make big control field and then make smaller ones inside?

It depends, if there is too many portals inside, there is a chance that you will have hard time linking them. Also there is the problem with inside portal keys.

What problem with portal keys?

If you want to make link to same inside portal from every end portal, you will need to have portal key every time. So if you have 3 end portals you will need to go and get inside portal key 3 times, so you can link to it.

So we should not make huge control fields?

It depends on strategy, but you should know what you can’t do. There is no right way, you just need to think what the best way for that field is. Sometimes is great to have narrow long field to slow progress of other team, sometimes is very bad when someone destroys one portal and with it 9 fields… Every tactic has a good and bad side.

So heads up, and think before linking. If you want to make control field with every portal make smaller ones. if you want to create long heavily guarded control field make bigger ones, or just link anything you can to level up.

Is there any favorite tactics that you want to share? Just comment bellow.

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  1. How about trying to create a control field with an enemy-controlled portal within? Is this possible? Or do you first have to destroy these portals?

    How about capturing a netural portal within an enemy control field?

  2. Hello! I wanted to send my idea your way. the thing is, having a field does nothing against the other team.

    What if, within a field the enemy is hindered?

    For example. Their wepons are decresed by half and they can’t pick up XM? it would make setting up fields VERY VERY important and would allow for a lot more statagy.

    • MagnaCorpus on

      I believe you cannot create links between your faction’s portals if you are covered in an enemy field. Existing fields can remain, but new links cannot be created.

      So if you cover your enemy’s portals with your field, even if all their portals could be linked within, they cannot create the links because of the covering field and must take down your field before they can link to/from those portals.

  3. I tied 8 portals together in one giant loop but did not generate a control field. Why? Must a field contain a certain amount of sides?

    • Correct. A field is only created as a triangle (three vertexes). You can overlap fields, but you cannot cross links.

      So for examples you couldn’t construct a star out of fields unless you left the center hollow or surrounded all the inner fields with one gigantic outer field (but you’d have to construct the inner fields first since later they’ll be encompassed inside a field and will be subject to restricted linking rules).

  4. Arancaytar on

    What happens when you attempt to create a control field around a smaller control field (of the same or the opposing faction) that is already in place (no links crossed and no portals in common)? Is the smaller field destroyed, or the larger field prevented from forming?

  5. can i cover an enemy cover field inside my cover field? I was planning to make a cover field but an enemy cover field is inside its area. What will happen to that enemy cover field?

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Ingress: Control Fields and Links to the Inside Portals

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