Ingress[Tip]: Obtain More Than One Portal Key


Here is quick tip, if you want to obtain more that one key of same portal. Its easy only thing you should do is drop the Portal key that you have before hacking it. So there is possibility that you will obtain a key from hacking, and after it just pickup portal key that you dropped. This way you can obtain as much keys as you want. Remember portal hack limit is 4 times in 4 hours period, and cool-down time is 5 minutes.

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  1. I have received duplicate portal keys without dropping one first. I have two for one portal and three for another.

  2. I have 25 keys for 1 portal without dropping my key 1st, but I live there & dont need to leave my room to hack it.
    There is a new portal in town which I’m always hacking, I must have hacked it about 30 times so far, & never managed to get a key for it yet.

  3. question here: does the scanner app actually show how many keys you have from the same portal? this tip is very valuable in action, I just got a bit confused as I believe the scanner doesn’t show it. AFAIK it neither shows two items not a number or sth. on the portal info next to the key symbol. Am I missing sth? Still *very* valuable tip!!

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Ingress[Tip]: Obtain More Than One Portal Key

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