Who Would Love More Missions?


When we started we got some training missions, it was fun way to learn to play.

I finished all the missions, decided what side to take, one of harder choices in my gaming life. And then nothing. No more missions, no more calls from HQ and no more HQ lady or Jarvis to send us missions. Than I waited, and I waited for too long. I hope that mission will be back, and that we gonna have fun with them again.

Actually it was that fun for me, that I wish we have a mission every day. I loved training missions that much that I think that we could make some ideas for them, and here is few that I want to share:

Mission: Blow them up

Enemy is getting strong, we need to find a spot that hurts the most. Find a enemy portal that is part of 4+ Control Fields and destroy it!

Reward: 800AP, 400XM, 3 x XMP L(Player level)

Mission: Swordfish

Hack 10 enemy portals and obtain all 10 keys, you are the best hacker that we know!

Reward: 1500AP, 2000XM, 5 x Resonators L(Player level + 1)

Mission: MindMaster

Make a control field with more than 1000 MU

Reward: 4000AP, 5000XM, 8 x Resonators L(PL+1), 6 x XMP L(PL)

Mission: The One

You are chosen one, only you can stop this war. You need to find and destroy L8 enemy portal that is controlling us all.

Reward: 20000AP, 10000XM, 10 x Resonators L8, 8 x XMP L8, secret item

Mission: TeamUp

Team with few agents and hack same portal in 5 minutes

Reward: 400AP, 200XM


My list go on and on, but I’m more interested to see what mission ideas do you have. Be creative and maybe someone from Niantic will help us out and make some missions for us.

Please share with us your missions ideas:

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Who Would Love More Missions?

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