Ingress[Tip]: Portal Key Limit is 35 [NOT CONFIRMED]


Anyone lost a key or too in last few days, we also had same problem and finally we got it. The portal key limit is 35. After you go over it the first one that you had will vanish! So plan well what keys do you need and drop ones that you don’t need. Also you can drop keys for other players to pick up. Still not confirmed, possible bug in one version of updates, read updates sections>>>



There is some players that already have more than 35 keys, they also tried to drop a key and pick it up, and they still have same amount… Maybe this is bug, we will investigate further!

Update 2:

This is still not confirmed, we force stopped app, cleared all data and updated to 1.08.0 and now we have more than 35 portal keys!

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  1. I lost a lot of mine recently. i looked over them and realized I had many duplicates and even 9 of one particular one close to my house. It sucks because I have a control field for the two I lost but don’t have a chance at some of the others so I guess we have to watch inventory closely.

  2. I’ve been losing them left and right. I’m on version 1.22 and I’ve got an open case with Niantic Ops. It sucks. Most recently, I linked a port with a key I had and went across the street to link that portal to the same place. Key is no longer in my inventory. Its almost like if I don’t have multiples of the same key I lose it quickly. I know I’m way under the 2k item limit too.

  3. Arild Skullerud on

    A little off topic but relevant. Seems like the portals stop dropping keys after they have dropped around 150. I’ve run massive multi hack and heat sinks on a brand new home portal, and after about 150 dropped I don’t seem to get any more :-/

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Ingress[Tip]: Portal Key Limit is 35 [NOT CONFIRMED]

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