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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Game | 5 comments

Ingress: Chrome Bags Store Puzzle and Whats Next!

So you all know already or should be familiar that Niantic created real world puzzle solved on yesterday Dead Drops clue, and we solved the puzzle and some of our members went to locations and picked up their reward.


The solution was to go to Chrome stores in 4 locations shown on the clue photo, and get a card with code written on it. But Chrome Bags are not only one that will be in this kind of cooperation with Niantic. And that is clear to everyone, but we know what business will be on next clues so we could help you decode next clue a lot faster! Sorry we don’t know exact locations or what businesses will be next or when, so don’t expect that from us.

On our investigation we got to some names, and here they are: Jamba Juice, PopChips, Zipcar, Hint!

We got them from post on The product marketing manager at Niantic Labs Archit Bhargave is featured in it:

Aside from Jamba Juice, Archit Bhargava — product marketing manager at Niantic Labs, an app development division at Google — said several brands, such as PopChips, Zipcar, Hint, and Chrome Bags Store have stepped up to begin testing the platform in the near future.

Google will integrate a brand’s products or physical location into the game. Bhargava describes one option as using QR codes to provide special game codes to players. Similar to the social site Google+, the experimental app launched in beta allows players to invite others to join in.

This will just give a heads up in something that is coming to our world. We are still not sure is this going to be too pushy on players and we hope it will not. The one thing is to create secure partners to help you create more awesome puzzles and other is to push their products to players.

What do you think: is this pure marketing, or they are trying to make this game more fun and to create more real world puzzles?

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  1. Sounds great, but once again I think the non-US players would like their share of this extension as well :)

    • It will probably happen on all big metropolitan areas around whole world!

  2. Not likely to involve smaller metro areas – Orlando is closest to us – but I still like the idea.

  3. And so the marketing campaign begins….

  4. Sounds like a marketing ploy to me.

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