Ingress Mobile Intel Map Update


From yesterday Ingress Intel Map speaks Mobile. Yeah it’s finally optimized for mobile devices.

Ingress Mobile Intel Map

Ingress Mobile Intel Map

This map is very useful for all agents that are in the field, and it could be great tactical advantage to have real time map with you at all times.

One misfortune for owners of Nexus 7 or other tablets: map is still showing in desktop mode, so you will still need to work with it. If Niantic Labs updates it we will inform you immediately.

Enjoy yours new mobile intel map.

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    • On Gnex as well, super slow but zoom controls show for me.
      Nowhere near perfect but a major improvement over the catastrophe of trying to browse the desktop intel on a mobile browser.
      Streetview kinda works too

  1. I galaxy note 2 it is still pretty slow on both chrome and firefox beta, running android 4.1.2
    In fact I can only tell a little difference between last week and today other than tapping on a potal and getting detail works a lot better! Anyway thanks to the ingress team for working to make this better for us we do appreciate any help we can get like this.

  2. It works GREAT on my HTC One X with 4.1.2 but it’s kinda slow because of all the loading of the map everytime I zoom in/out or move the map.. But, it’s natural way of loading the page so no complaints from me :)

  3. Very slow and rather buggy on GS3 Verizon using Dolphin Browser. No zoom controls, and portal info windows are a bit wider than the screen.

  4. Works great on my phone running android 2.3! Great update!

    For the Nexus 7, try running Firefox with the Phony extension. Set it to Android mobile and it’ll run with the mobile interface.

  5. Looks awesome on my phone running android 2.3 on a small screen.

    For the Nexus 7 try running it with Firefox and the Phony extension. Set it to Android Mobile and it runs just like it would on a phone.

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Ingress Mobile Intel Map Update

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