Not sure about source but here, few working passcodes:

  • GAH8059
  • HZZ7691
  • HZZ7699
  • GAH8061
  • GAH8062
  • GAH8054
  • GAH8063
  • GAH8057
  • GAH8054
  • GAH8060
  • GAH8069
  • GAH8080
  • GAH8082
  • GAH8083
  • GAH8084
  • GAH8085
  • GAH8086
  • GAH8087
  • GAH8091
  • GAH8092
  • GAH8093
  • GAH8094
  • GAH8095
  • GAH8096
  • GAH8098
  • GAH8099
  • I7729AXG3H
  • 118NY3
  • 302TCR 
  • 6SNU717 
  • ADU3507 
  • 6TEE324 
  • EPRL
  • FYD4659

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  1. Just trying sequential numbers based on those codes, there are a couple of hundred working codes.. using those seems to me like cheating.

  2. mmm nice
    resonators L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8
    XMPburster L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8
    portal shields COMMON and RARE

  3. They are counting up, I have gotten even more by continuing counting further than listed. For example, it stops at GAH8099 GAH8102 and 103 worked.

  4. There are LONG runs of valid ones up and down from most of these, too. Sometimes they skip one or two (e.g. -86, -85, -84 are valid, -83, -82 invalid, -81 valid).

  5. Thank you so much! I am very new to Ingress and I think this just put me on the fast track to actually making a difference!

  6. still working. tried most of the combinations below (* = 0-9).

  7. Notice the way low AP and XM on these codes. Wonder if they’re some kind of bait – see who’s using the app.

  8. There’s a craptonne of other ones. Try to find derivatives of already posted ones. Like 110NY3, 111NY3 all the way up to 119NY3 work.

  9. GAH8102 GAH8103 GAH8104 … GAH8109 and GAH8111 all worked for me. I think more are activating in sequences.

  10. Thanks. That was awesome. Worked hours after being posted. And I’m confined to bed due to breaking my leg in an Ingress related accident. Pass codes keeping me happy. <3

  11. Still working.
    It looks like something was wrong, bruteforce or sth. But everybody uses, nobody thinks… I wonder what was it…

  12. This is beyond ridiculous! Some people got that many AP and shields, that they jumped from lvl1 to lvl5. Not fair at all, when someone at the lvl1 already has 100lvl8 XMPs.

  13. Ugh I’m late and missed them all as usual..I’m having trouble finding new passcodes that work! out of trying at least 100 or more only 1 has worked for often do new passcodes come out?

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