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Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Game Logic | 14 comments

Power Cubes are Here

Great new agents, we get reports that Power Cubes started to drop. And here is how they look like:


And they are storing huge quantities of XM in them, and it’s 1000 XM per Power Cube level:

  • L1 Power Cube = 1000 XM
  • L2 Power Cube = 2000 XM
  • L3 Power Cube = 3000 XM
  • L4 Power Cube = 4000 XM
  • L5 Power Cube = 5000 XM
  • L6 Power Cube = 6000 XM
  • L7 Power Cube = 7000 XM
  • L8 Power Cube = 8000 XM

This will be great tactical advantage in the field, and we can’t wait for some new ingress reports featuring use of Power Cubes to deploy some awesome strategies. I can’t say anything more than, go out and get some cubes.

Warning: They will not function until the next Ingress app update!

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  1. I got some, can’t do anything with them.

    • Read the last sentence:
      Warning: They will not function until the next Ingress app update!

    • It says they will not function until the next Ingress update.

  2. Because the game wasnt alre easy enough. ..

  3. Warning: They will not function until the next Ingress app update!

  4. “This will be great tactical advantage in the field”

    I think its a very boring new game item… which does nrl nothing for high LvL player and isnt really needed for low L player..

  5. They will be working after app update I’ve seen

  6. Can’t see the point of them, what’s the point of the xm mechanism if very common items get around it.

  7. Huh
    Huh ….this is very confusing:-S is it like the the cube in star treck? In which case im scared

  8. Better and different weapons would be good….

  9. The availability of more L6-L8 resonators would be better! However, nothing is more annoying than trying to farm for equipment only to find out that I’m out of XM and can’t hack a portal for equipment because of this!!!!

  10. Also good for players who are remotely defending / recharging a portal.

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