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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Game Logic | 5 comments

Breaking News: ADA Refactor and Jarvis Virus Drop on Portal Hacks

Great news Agents, from today you can obtain Ada Refactor and Jarvis Virus by hacking portals. And it seems that portal level or fraction doesn’t matter at all, there are confirmed drops even from neutral portals!

Here is official post from Ingress on their Google+ page:


Good luck with your hacking rush this weekend, and send us some great stories about use of new items in field!

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  1. We had them last night too

  2. Drop rate is supposedly 0.001 (one in a thousand) hacks, according to one of Brandon Badger’s posts.

  3. It’s not one in a thousand. I got 2 in 120 burn cycle.

    • Sure…YOU got…that just means there were 2,000 hacks going on around you that didn’t get one (like mine).

  4. Also, cost to use is X*1000, where X is poral level you want to infect.

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