The Girl With The Ingress Tattoo


The passion of the Agents involved with Ingress is outstanding, and more so with Lexy Rochelle than most. You’ve all seen her on G+ with her lovely blue and green Ingress Logo, well this is about the lady behind the tattoo.

Indeed it is.

Indeed it is.

Lexy has been playing since the middle of March as Lexy Loo Who, she originally chose the Enlightened out of a love for the color Green and because the Agents in her area seemed a bit more organized than the Resistance. Even though her boyfriend Brian (WizKiddB) started out playing for the Resistance, it didn’t take long for Lexy to “Enlighten” him over to her side.  Now they are both Level 8’s for the South Miami area.

While the blue is certainly more prevalent, Lexy is all Enlightened.

While the blue is certainly more prevalent, Lexy is all Enlightened.

After playing for a while, making links to Costa Rica, driving all over the Middle Florida area, and keeping the local Resistance in check, Lexy decided to get a lasting reminder of the wonderful people she’s met and times she’s had. Lexy and Brian came up with the blue and mostly green logo because of the friends from both factions that she had made. Amazingly her hair was already those colors before she even started playing Ingress. Though she had a lot of naysayers when she shared her tattoo at first, she already has ideas for her next Ingress tattoos with a full Level 8 Enlightened portal and a half destroyed Resistance portal. Her love for the contrasting colors and factions is a great example of an Agent in love with the Lifestyle of Ingress.

Lexy and Brian at an Enlightened meetup (center)

Lexy and Brian at an Enlightened meetup (center)

Thank you Lexy for sharing your tattoo and time with us, and for being the first of hopefully many (including myself) to get Inked for Ingress!

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  1. JarebearFTW on

    I know a guy in Northern Kentucky who has one! he is also an evil Enlightened goon. but regardless, it shows dedication!

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  3. bootstrapbill on

    I’ll chalk this up to youth, stupidity, and misplaced enthusiasm. in 3 years when she has it covered with a black lotus or some other nonsense, she’ll realize what a moron she was.

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