Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #002.4


Passcode Walkthrough for Niantic Project Post 2014-01-24 passcode#4 (number 2 is coming soon)


Decoding Tools

The 3 most common passcode formats are:

Long Passcode Format 1 (Mostly for the retired Niantic Investigation Board). This format seems to be deprecated. [2-9][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]

Long Passcode Format 2 (Mostly for JOJO Word of the Day WOTD or Cheshire Cat posts) [2-9][p-z][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][2-9][2-9][p-z]

Long Passcode Format 3 (Mostly for Niantic Project document posts) [2-9][a-z][a-z][a-z][2-9]keyword[a-z][2-9][a-z][2-9][a-z]

Difficulty Rating: (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):

We’re getting into a very challenging one now, a huge difficulty 6!

Source of document:


How/where to find the source of the passcode:

Look in video tags (source, string 23)  to find the string:



Well, it’s not so easy. It starts the fun =)

There are numbers, upper case letters and lower case letters. All should remind Base 64, but too letters are similar and the string doesn’t start with M,N,O like all passcodes. And so you have to find a way to get the correct range for a Base 64 string that could give you a passcode. The only approach to follow it’s to convert letters to numbers (A=00) (not that “d” cause you need at least a number for a Base 64 string) and numbers to letters (00=a). After that, you only have numbers and lower case letters, so you only have to convert numbers to letters (00=A) to get Base 64 string.


Passcode solution:

Letters to numbers (A=00) and numbers to letters (00=a):



Numbers to letters (00=A) and “d”=3:



Base 64 to Text:


Passcode items gained:

400 AP

100 XM

L3 Resonator (2)

L8 Xmp Burster

Portal Shield (2) (Rare)

Multi Hack (Common)

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Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #002.4

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