Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #006.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-24


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The format for this passcode is: [2-9][a-z][a-z][a-z][2-9]keyword[a-z][2-9][a-z][2-9][a-z]


Difficulty Rating: (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):


Source of document:

How/where to find the source of the passcode:


With Jojo’s Word of the Day, you usually check the source code of the HTML document to uncover the puzzle to solve. Looking at the end of line 3 in the source code we see:




The text as shown makes absolutely no sense, which would normally mean running it through atbash or a caesar cipher. In this case, it actually needs to rearranged into blocks. There are 140 characters in the string, 140 has divisors of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 28, 35, 70, 140. After an exhaustive search, we find that splitting the above text into 14 rows of 10 gives us:



Reading the text vertically from the top-left gives us:



Passcode solution:

Splitting the new string into logical pieces based on English words:

laboratory furnace hercules the river laboratory furnace crane fox american indian arrow little bear crosshairs twins plowman crosshairs american indian unicorn

Time to figure out why these terms are related. Searching the first few terms brings us to a website that mentions constellations:

Reorganizing our data based on this new information:


English Name Abbreviation Constellation Genitive
laboratory furnace For Fornax Fornacis
hercules Her Hercules Herculis
the river Eri Eridanus Eridani
laboratory furnace For Fornax Fornacis
crane Gru Grus Gruis
fox Vul Vulpecula Vulpeculae
american indian Ind Indus Indi
arrow Sge Sagitta Sagittae
little bear UMi Ursa Minor Ursae Minoris
crosshairs Ret Reticulum Reticuli
twins Gem Gemini Geminorum
plowman* Boo Bootes Bootis
crosshairs Ret Reticulum Reticuli
american indian Ind Indus Indi
unicorn Mon Monoceros Monocerotis

*plowman is not actually found on the page, but it is equivalent to herdsman with a simple search

Looking at the data we have, the first letter of each Abbreviation presents an interesting pattern:


Referencing the pattern: [2-9][p-z][a-h][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]

VISUR is a known keyword, we need to replace the letters with their numeric equivalents:


Passcode items gained:

400 AP

300 XM

L7 Resonator (2)

L3 Xmp Burster (2)

Portal Shield (1) (Common)


What we’ve observed with Jojo’s Word of the Day codes recently is that they are based around a theme for about a week. This code is the beginning of the constellation theme and you will see a similar code in the next passcode walkthrough.

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Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #006.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-24

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