This Week in Niantic History, July 21st-25th, 2014


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So let’s begin with what was revealed on July 21st, 2013: study

It was a draft of a research project that Carrie Campbell, now in Hamburg, had attempted to begin at the Niantic Project. She believes that the Shaper Glyphs might have been secretly part of human history…

How it ties into the story: The double-blind Glyph study might have something to do with her being in Hamburg as well as her analysis of the Vision Journal…


On July 22nd, 2013, another document came to light:


It was the second page of Carrie’s Vision Journal. H. Richard Loeb believes that the pages, slowly leaking from an unknown source, might hold the keys to understanding the Shaper Glyphs…

On July 23rd, 2013, another document was leaked:


It was the third page of Carrie’s Vision Journal. Loeb asks the community about the effects of Shaping through XM throughout the course of human history: While today’s Journal page will certainly require much thought, I was particularly struck by the idea of ‘Shaping’ and what that might mean, not just today, but across time. My question today is, how might ‘Shaping’ have affected us across time? What major figures in our past may have been Shaped, and how might this have affected the today we exist in now? See the thread here at for the results.


On July 24th, 2013, another Vision Journal Page was leaked: epiphany4

Along with it, a message from the unknown source that sent them to Loeb: The Last of the first…   Loeb and the community, now armed with all of the pages, asks the community for them to develop a solid hypothesis on the nature of the Vision Journal and how they relate to the Glyphs. See the thread here for the dialogue:



And finally, on July 25th, 2013,  the eighteenth installment of the Ingress Report was released to the public:

In the episode, Susanna Moyer talks about the upcoming Operation Minotaur on August 3rd, a series of Enlightened and Resistance operations top the Mind Unit score to 1 billion, Agents from both factions begin to decode and unravel the first wave of Shaper Glyphs, rumors of new comics by Tycho at Comic-Con surface and new updates of the Ingress Scanner begin to activate.


What secrets will the Vision Journal Pages reveal? What are the stakes of Operation Minotaur?


As always, tune into DeCode Ingress to see what happened next in Niantic History!

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This Week in Niantic History, July 21st-25th, 2014

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