Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #010.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-29


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The format for this passcode is: [2-9][p-z][p-z][p-z][2-9]keyword[p-z][2-9][p-z][2-9][p-z]

Difficulty Rating: (out of 8. 1-5 are regular difficulty levels, 6-8 are very challenging):

Source of document:

How/where to find the source of the passcode:

With Jojo’s Word of the Day, you usually check the source code of the HTML document to uncover the puzzle to solve. Looking at the end of line 3 in the source code



Looks like a lot of random letters in the string, trying a ROT13 or atbash is a good place to start. It appears atbash is the right approach:



Passcode solution:

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to split the string into groups. With knowledge that the theme is based around space/astronomy, the groupings are names of stars.

omega 2 cancri
iota arietis
alpha camelopardalis
eta canis minoris
zeta corvi
chi cancri
algiedi secunda
upsilon bootis
beta lacertae
deneb el okab
upsilon 1 cassiopeiae
tau orionis


Taking the first letter of every group will not work this time.


There needs to be something else that the groups can translate into to form passcodes, we’ll use the following website:

We’ll create a table for the middle section (keyword) and see which piece of information is needed for the whole passcode:


Group Flamsteed Constellation Right Ascension Declination
alpha camelopardalis 9 Camelopardalis Camelopardalis 4h 54m 3.030s +66° 20′ 33.61″
eta canis minoris 5 Canis Minoris Canis Minor 7h 28m 2.078s +6° 56′ 31.00″
arcturus 16 Bootis Bootes 14h 15m 39.687s +19° 10′ 56.77″
zeta corvi 5 Corvi Corvus 12h 20m 33.709s -22° 12′ 57.32″
chi cancri 18 Cancri Cancer 8h 20m 3.850s +27° 13′ 3.53″
algiedi secunda 6 Capricorni Capricornus 20h 18m 3.266s -12° 32′ 41.33″
upsilon bootis 5 Bootis Bootes 13h 49m 28.632s +15° 47′ 52.40″
beta lacertae 3 Lacertae Lacerta 22h 23m 33.619s +52° 13′ 44.49″
aladfar 20 Lyrae Lyra 19h 13m 45.518s +39° 8′ 45.68″


Flamsteed provides a decent assortment of numbers, converting those numbers into their alphabetical equivalents:


That almost spells IMPERFECT. Unfortunately this is another goof in the string. The second group in the keyword was supposed to be zeta canis minoris.

Finishing off the table with just Flamsteed values:


Group Flamsteed
omega 2 cancri 4 Cancri
bos 11 Capricorni
iota arietis 8 Arietis
nusakan 3 Coronae Borealis
vega 3 Lyrae
deneb el okab* 13 Aquilae
gomeisa 3 Canis Minoris
upsilon 1 cassiopeiae 26 Cassiopeiae
sherawan 6 Arietis
tau orionis 20 Orionis

deneb el okab can be one of two stars, 13 Aquilae and 17 Aquilae

Putting this altogether:



Passcode items gained:

400 AP
300 XM
L3 Resonator (1)
L1 Xmp Burster (1)
Portal Shield (2) Very Rare

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Passcode Decoding Walkthrough #010.1 Jojo’s Word of the Day 2014-06-29

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