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Ingress Items

Ingress items can be obtained only inside the game or via Passcodes. Some of the items are used in the game and some can be used outside of it like Media Items. Items are obtained by hacking portals, or picking up dropped items. When you start playing Ingress you will not have any items, but you will obtain them over time.


Item level and type

Items could have a level from L1 to L8. And can be Very Common, Common, Rare, or Very Rare in type.

Ingress items:

Item Limit:

Since the 4th of November 2012, a new Item limit is enforced. Now the player can only have up to 2000 items in their inventory. Players who have more than that can’t get any more items in the game – not until they free some space in their inventory. You can go over your 2000 item limit by redeeming codes when your inventory is already full, however you will not be able to hack items again until you go below 2000.

Item drop and pick up:

When you select an item in your inventory you have an option to drop it.  The Item will stay in that place in the game for 12 hours and all other players who come to that place can see it and pick it up. After 12 hours, the item will disappear. This makes Trade possible,but also Theft, so be wary of where you place your items. If possible, try to conduct trades away from busy roads and intersections as the items may be noticed by enemy or even friendly players.