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Jarvis Virus

The Jarvis Virus is an item that can flip the alignment of a portal from Resistance to Enlightenment. It’s a very powerful weapon and so far there is no protection against it. And it can also be used by Resistance agents as well!

If you are with the Resistance and for some reason you want to switch a portal to Enlightened, Jarvis will be owner of that portal. If you are Enlightened, portal, resonators and mods will be under your ownership. Possible uses include: breaking unwanted links, AP Gain, and creating a Level 8 portal using less than 8 players!


XM Cost:

Its 1000 XM per portal level:

  • L1 Portal 1000 XM
  • L2 Portal 2000 XM
  • L3 Portal 3000 XM
  • L4 Portal 4000 XM
  • L5 Portal 5000 XM
  • L6 Portal 6000 XM
  • L7 Portal 7000 XM
  • L8 Portal 8000 XM


If you recycle the Jarvis Virus you will get +100 XM