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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Tools | 13 comments

Ingress Intel Total Conversion is Alive and Kicking

Yeah, Ingress Intel Total Conversion script is alive and kicking hard. For people who don’t know what is it here is short summary:  IITC is fan made replacement of Ingress Intel map, it has huge fan base because it has lot more features and plugins that official map doesn’t have. But they have one huge problem, to play with Niantic and Ingress data you need written permission from Niantic Labs, and that didn’t happen. Actually Niantic asked original author to stop development and remove IITC and to not develop anything with Ingress data anymore… That was taken hard by original author and project died with huge fan uproar that same week.


Ingress Intel Total Conversion logo

Let me go into the Niantic reasons to try to stop IITC

First of, Niantic is startup it’s not Google so they don’t have unlimited resources, nor human nor money. They are working hard to provide Ingress to bigger audience and they need to make it as scalable as they can. Problem with IITC is that they are using same json calls to the servers as the original Intel map. But not optimized at all. What happens, whole Ingress is slowing down and at the time IITC was most popular, that were the time when Ingress would behave very bad, and did many server errors.

Next problem would be that players would expect that all features from IITC should be at original map, and would create pressure to small developer team in Niantic. And making Intel map better doesn’t need to be number one priority. Over the time Niantic Labs enchanted project and they are working hard to make the game more interesting for all players L1 to L8 and they worked a lot at scalability of app. Remember there were multiple events when they gave out invites to all L2+ players.  Also time that people wait for invite from is now shorter than one month, early adopters need to wait up to 3 months to get Invite code to join the game. That means that they could scale Ingress to be able to withstand 2-3 times more players. And remember portal suggestions, new portal Fridays and so on…

But even knowing all this I also used Ingress Intel Total Conversion script and I loved it. I blogged a lot about it here to show my support for this project, but on first post I stated that they work on it against Ingress Terms of Service.

Now let’s go back to present time

IITC is heavily contributed project on github and has 339 forks, and enormous number of developers that work on it. Why? I’m not sure but I think that they love the project and they are passionate Ingress Agents and they want to improve it more. Also Ingress is played by number of very skilled developers and they want much more from it that Ingress Intel is providing right now.

New project has it own website and Google+ page and they already have a quite of fanbase, 6600+ people are following them on G+. They continued project on github from one of the forks and it doesn’t look like that they will stop to develop it any time soon.

They are now in version 0.11.3 they produced several versions before it. They are now working hard on 0.12 version.

They are also providing mobile version of IITC that can be run on Android 4+ devices. Current version 0.3.2 with 0.11.3 IITC inside.

They created and updated lot more plugins than original version, and they provide a way to integrate plugins in Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile version. There are total of 24 plugins that you can add to it.

They also added statement on their website that they are not affiliated with Ingress or Niantic Labs, and that you use IITC at your own risk:

This site and the scripts are not officially affiliated with Ingress or Niantic Labs at Google. Using these scripts is likely to be considered against the Ingress Terms of Service. Any use is at your own risk.


I think that IITC is good resource, but it will slow down Ingress growth, and this project would be more than welcome to Ingress ecosystem as soon as they would have official Ingress API that developers could use. This is way to much hacking than enchanting Ingress Intel. And I personally will wait for an official API to play with Ingress data and integrate it in Decode Ingress in some way.  This is just my opinion, and I’m eager to hear yours.

IITC resources:


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Posted by on Mar 16, 2013 in Tools | 0 comments

Ingress Intel Total Conversion Plugin is Shutting Down

We have huge uproar today in Ingress communities, Ingress Intel Total Conversion declared that they are shutting down their scrip:

Author of the script asked if IITC was okay with Niantic, and he got pretty clear answer on his question:

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing Ingress information. Unfortunately, Ingress Intel Total Conversion all
IITC plugins, and your mobile Ingress Intel app are in violation of our Terms of Service <>.

We would greatly appreciate it if you remove all works, and refrain from creating any future works using Ingress content.

Please reply to this email when the works in question have been deleted.



So what happened is that Stefan shut down and removed code and pages from the github project. Problem is that there are 180+ branches of his script just on github. So this will be a very hard to pinpoint and shut down completely.

Question that all of you are asking is why, and that is very clear to me and it’s stated in the TOS of Ingress:

3. Use of the Products – Permissions and Restrictions.
Subject to these Terms, Google grants you a personal, non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and use the Ingress mobile application software, to access and use the Ingress website and service, and to access the Content (as defined below) within the Products for your use.

Content” means the text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and other materials you may view on, access through, or contribute to the Products, including content supplied by Google, its suppliers, or users.

In addition to the restrictions set out in the Google Terms of Service, unless you have received prior written authorization from Google (or, as applicable, from the provider of particular Content), you shall not:

(a) copy, translate, modify, or make derivative works of the Products, the Content or any part thereof;
(b) redistribute, sublicense, publish, sell, or in any other way make the Products or Content available to third parties;
(c) access the Product or Content through any technology or means other than those provided by Google (including without limitation automation software, bots, spiders, or hacks or devices of any kind);
(d) extract, scrape, or index the Products or Content (including information about users or game play);
(e) create or maintain any unauthorized connection to the Products, including but not limited to any server that emulates or attempts to emulate the Products;
(f) delete, obscure, or in any manner alter any attribution, warning, or link that appears in the Products or the Content; or
(g) use the Products for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to (i) gathering in-Product items or resources for sale outside the Products, or (ii) performing services in the Products in exchange for payment outside the Product.

Most of this rules are broken in this script, and is going to be hard to get any support from Niantic for this script. I also mentioned in the first post about IITC that it’s against Ingress TOS. Question on that post was how long will Niantic let the plugin live, and it turns out that answer to that question is until today.

This is still not entirely closed story, there is a feedback and suggestion tread on Official Ingress forum/group where you can engage and give your opinion on all this: here

I would not suggest that you spam the tread, but give them real feedback. And Niantic will decide what they will do, and that will probably be upgrading their Intel map and app the best they can. This is beta software and they will work a lot to make it better, but that will not happen over night.

What IITC developers did was amassing utilization of data that they could get from the Ingress Intel page. Just imagine how much more data are behind in the servers, and how much more awesome services can Niantic make in the future…

For now we can only wait for official Ingress API or Updates that we can use…

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Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Tools | 0 comments

Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile

One great Ingress news is here: Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile version is up, and it works great. This is still Alfa version (0.2) so expect some bugs here and there, but I have used it and it works great.

This is optimized for phones, tablets will show classic version, and in the future developers will concentrate on phones, so tablets will stay behind. But this is still great new app, and we loved how it is optimized to work on low res phones.


It’s hard to express how awesome is this app, and how much I loved using it for last few hours, except some annoying bugs with switching layers.

You can help:

IITC Mobile is cool, but people that work on it are mostly consist of hard core developers, that’s why this script is so cool. But they need help, they would use some designer skills. So here is open call for designers that can join and help this project, mostly some icons and other graphic stuff needed. Here is call from wiki page:

How I can help: We need nice icons for the mobile app. The idea is to move everything into the dark bar on the top, but text takes up too much space. The required icons are, in order of importance: Map → Sidebar (Info) → Faction Chat → Public Chat → Full → Compact → Locate → Reload → Print Version → Debug. If you are skilled in icon design or know a friend, maybe you can contribute? The license needs to be something open, like Creative Commons, Public Domain or similar. You can attach the icons to a GitHub ticket or mail them directly to me: [email protected]

More about IITC mobile here:


Go to this wiki page and get it from one of the mirrors:


This app works only on Android 4.0+

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Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Tools | 1 comment

Ingress Intel Total Conversion Update 0.8.1

Ingress life is good when you have new update of our favorite tool: Ingress Intel Total Conversion script is now 0.8.1 and have lot of new features, plugins, bug fixes. They also. switched documentation to great github wiki, and this version is more stable than ever. There is one more update that we will post on separate post, stay tuned.


Here is full change log:

  • Feature: MU count is now displayed in the center of a field in the map (by Fragger).
  • Feature: hover over your username in the sidebar. A sign out link should appear (by cmrn).
  • Feature: you can quickly select one layer only by long-clicking or ctrl/alt/meta-clicking an entry in the layer chooser. See Userguide for details.

  • Enhancement: hitting the render limit is now much less worse. Before, IITC would simply stop drawing, leaving you with many blank areas. The new method hides low level portals instead when the render limit is hit. This way you can view New York or London zoomed out and still be able to use the map properly. Zooming in will show more detail, just like before. Look in the map status at the bottom right to see which portals are currently shown (by Xelio).
  • Enhancement: Links in chat now can be copied using the context menu or middle clicked to open in a new tab (by Daniel Cheng).
  • Enhancement: more detailed error messages why redeeming failed (by integ3r).
  • Enhancement: successfully redeeming things now shows a dialog more akin to the one from the app (by boombuler).
  • Enhancement: map should look better on high DPI screens now (“Retina displays“, by richbradshaw).
  • Enhancement: your not-yet-sent-message will appear red when writing to the public chat. Hopefully this reduces “posting to the wrong channel” mistakes some people have run into.
  • Enhancement: US Post Offices are now shown with their address instead in full and compact tabs.

  • Change: Ingress Map style has been updated to reflect Niantic changes.
  • Change: files will now be served by Google App Engine instead of GitHub. It’s the same service that Ingress runs on.
  • Change: the documentation is now in our wiki:
  • Change: the nightly builds have moved:
  • Change: JavaScript files are now compressed to reduce bandwidth consumption. This makes them unreadable though.
  • Change: IITC now uses HTTPS where suitable. Map and portal images are not served via HTTPS, though.
  • Change: Google Sat Image layer doesn’t switch to 45° view anymore when zooming in (thanks @yoshimo)
  • Change: zooming on Google Layers should be a tad faster now. It animated portal zoom first and then background zoom. It now only animates the background, so it finishes earlier. There doesn’t seem to be a nice way to make both zoom animations line up, though.
  • Change: dialogs and tooltips have been redesigned to match the ingress style more closely (by boombuler)

  • Bugfix: some portal images were not working properly after the HTTPS switch.
  • Bugfix: layer chooser items were too large in Chrome

  • Plugin: Highlight Weakened Portals colors have been generally improved. They should now reflect the changes in portal shield handling much better.
  • Plugin: Calulate AP Stats now considers missing resonators when calculating the possible AP gain for either team.
  • Plugin: Guess Player Level has gained some statistics like average level per faction (by sutepasu).
  • Plugin: Player Tracker would pick up bogus portals sometimes, resulting in awkward lines drawn (fix by vita10gy).
  • Plugin: Player Tracker now stops after zooming out too far. It was eating CPU while not being helpful.
  • Plugin: (new) Show Scale Bar: adds a scale bar to your upper left corner
  • Plugin: (new) Scoreboard: shows details and statistics about the currently visible data (by vita10gy). (I personally recommend this plugin. It makes taunting the other faction much more fun).
  • the plugins page has been moved to the wiki


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