Ingress: L2 Media – Sensitives 1 and 2


A lot is connected to word of the day Sensitives, but here are a lot of names to remember, especially Jarvis!?

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  1. There is a shadow of what looks sort of like an atom (ring with a dot in the middle) in the Niantic logo on Sensitives2.png.

  2. Do all media have codes hidden in them, or are some just for fun? I just found both of these in game, would like to know if I’m wasting my time looking for codes.

  3. There is faded hidden text underneath the cleartext, at least on page 1.

    I can’t see what it says where the main text overrides it, some fragments are visible:

    (After Project Whyda.)
    …h physics. Some of which were.. ???ato???
    Theory make him a shoo-in. And as you know, the NIA has …w…

    (After “the next two weeks”)
    I hope…

    I’m not too great with image manipulation tools, but I’d try:
    * Changing color palette to separate the white from the slightly off-white
    * Finding some way to subtract the cleartext; maybe the hidden text and the clear text are combined together in some lossless way

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Ingress: L2 Media – Sensitives 1 and 2

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