Ingress, Review


The Enemy Within!

Have you ever felt something is wrong with the World? The things aren’t just like they seem to be. That there is a fine line between real and surreal that is being crossed-over all the time. Coincidences  deja vu, paradoxes, all messed up in one thing we call REAL!? All you ever wanted is answers. To be sure for one single time. To be absolutely sure is this REALITY or You are falling down the rabbit hole? Well, this time humanity came to an answer. One word – Ingress.

So, what exactly Ingress is?

No one can tell for sure. Is it real or not. The only thing we can say for certain is that it is already here. The only way to be aware of the Ingress World is through your scanner (mobile-device). The Ingress World is a parallel world made of portals, energy-fields, concentrated Xotic Matter spots. And You are in the middle of a War. War between the Enlightened (the one being infected by the mind virus) and the Resistance (the one who fight for the World as we know it). The one who controls more Mind-Units – wins the war.


Honestly, the game has a beautiful flow. You get into the World as an agent! Your position has been acquired through the satellite and you are ready to roll. You discover portals nearby, hack them and then deploy Resonators. After deploying 8 of them you’ve got a portal. You run to the next portal (because you want as much portals as possible discovered and owned by YOU) and HACK it, acquire items and deploy Resonators! While this all is happening you get AP. By getting enough AP you can level-yourself-up to the next level. After you deployed 8 Resonators on both portals it’s time to link them! That’s the next thing to do. In the beginning you can link just portals which are in a specific range, but as you go further you can link more distant portals. Imagine linked cities, or even countries!? Continents, why the hell not!? Not to mentions that when you link 3 portals, you get an energy field and depending on your side the players of the other side need to find another route to go through town. ;-)
I can’t wait to see whats going next! I just hope we’ll find a way to materialize ourselves inside Ingress and transcend the scanners. Maybe one day the war well be face-to-face. I personally have picked the #Resistance   fraction. I have a natural-born resistance to almost everything – not to mention to someone playing with my brain. But the virus is spreading fast and it is very dangerous. Don’t let yourself being fooled by the talks of the  #enlightened .

After all – we are Humans and that’s something we should keep the way it is.

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Ingress, Review

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