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Last night my dog went missing. I’m growing alarmed at the strange phone calls, the garage noises, the lights outside my window, sometimes not just on the ground but in the air. My own sanity seems to be under attack, I can feel a pressure building in my head. I need to make sure this diary is hidden in a safe place, just in case something, something, goes terribly wrong.

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  1. Looked through metadata and checked ID3/APEv2 tags. Nada. Checked if there was anything hidden in it by playing backwards. Nada. Tried slowing it down and speeding it up both forwards and backwards. Nada.

    I would venture a guess that its hidden within the text of the message eitde

  2. Checking the Hex, the end of the file is filled out with 5s. In amongst this is

    “FF FB 92 04 EB 01 02 D3 2E 47 58 C9 1A B0 5E 4D 59 0C 24 62 8E 4A 6D A1 0E A1 84 7E C9 6B 36 21 80 30 8F D9”

    that is- “ÿû’.ë..Ó.GXÉ.°^MY.$bŽJm¡.¡„~Ék6!€0.”

  3. FF FB denotes the header for a MP3 file, the header of the file itself is empty. Replacing the header of the file with this doesn’t seem to reveal any extra info though.

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Ingress: L2 Media – Hollis 5

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