Ingress: Ordered Data – Niantic project clue 15. November


This is document from from 15th November, and it got solved on IRC chanel thanks to tip from +Johnathan Chung

So here is document labeled “Ordered Data” at website. Instead spacing in its Title they used dots “TS.NSA.COMMS.ANVIL”, so we should look for some strange dots .: .. in it:

DeCoded, characters and how many dots it has:

F …. | t . |  8 .. | t … | D …..
There are 5 characters and 5 dots, so maybe number of dots is actually position:
…F. | t…. | .8… | ..t.. | ….D

Combined: t8tFD ->
So we got:

And here is content of that file:

Ken: We have retrieved the remnants of the Niantic Phone. It was destroyed. Torn down to components. I would submit that it was probalby not the best idea to put a Niantic Logo on the internal chip. I take full responsibility for this. We believe the chip was the source of the project codename being compromised. It appears that the contents of the phone were released. Sent at 11:46 PM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Yuen: Knock the site down and visit the person who has put it up. I Want this situation contained IMMEDIATELY.

Ken: We have already attempted to do this. It appears the owner of the site is well resourced. Locating this person has been difficult.

Yuen: an agency?

Ken: No maam. Profiling and our prelim analysis both suggest its an individual.

Yuen: Then find the individual.

Ken: Working on it.

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  1. The ‘s’ on line 18 of the NIA doc in the word ‘still’ has a highlight mark going through the middle when you zoom in close enough.

    Also, the Ken/Yuen conversation has a misspelling, some words that are capitalized which shouldn’t be, and missing apostrophes and other such punctuations.

    No idea if/how either of these could lead to a clue, but maybe someone else can see what I don’t.

  2. There are some mistakes in words that are written. like Torn – must be turn. like remnants – must be remains. probalby must be probably. I Want must be I want, missed dot after Wednesday. so may be it all the clue?

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Ingress: Ordered Data – Niantic project clue 15. November

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