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As stated in Ingression blog post it seams that ingress passcodes are no longer for unlimited use. We are still not sure what kind of game logic is behind, some say its time limit, some that is number of activation. We think that some codes will be connected to the media items that you obtain on hacking. Or even that some codes will be unique, one use only on whole game.

This will change balance in the game, passcodes give new users a jump start. Now they will have trouble reaching higher levels and stuck at low level game for some time. This would be also a way to make more users work on decoding clues, and find their own passcodes, but in my opinion that are not many that will do it.

What do you think, shall we share any more codes that we decode, or should the game logic change?


I was just trying to enter some off old passcodes that I already used and got this message:

error with get_result. error code 503

So there is possibility that this problem with the codes is just the bug, and than no one can enter a code right now even if they discover it first…

Update 2:

Official response from Niantic support:


Passcodes may only be used a certain number of times collectively by all users before they are no longer valid. If the passcode you have is no longer working, it means that limit has been reached, and the passcode may no longer be used.

– NianticOpsBacon
Bad news!

Update 3:

I was thinking, what if passcodes had limit all the time. Just that there are now more players that can use them. In the beginning if all of us use the passcodes they still gonna be valid. Bun now there is enough player that passcodes are used up in mater of hours… This now have much more sense, they had the limit from the beginning.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing, they had the limit all the time but now we are a lot of players and spreading the news quickly, the limit will be reached much sooner and much quicker than before.

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Ingress Passcodes Change

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