Ingress: Single Portal Link Limit


We did some research about portal links and we have some analysis data to spread!


So there are portals with 12 links on them, but linking that much can be tricky.

So if you try to link to other portals, you will have to stop on 8: you will get message that you have too many “originating” links. This is a clue, that means that you can have some incoming too. So you go and link create some more incoming links but the max number is 12.

So maximum number of links on one portal is 12 with incoming and only 8 originating. We will research if we only create incoming links what is the limit.


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  1. I was looking for maximum links destruction. I targeted and destroyed a 14 links portal in Brussels, Begium, Beside, I found 5 floating keys, during my various XMP bursters hits rounds. Not all the keys were related to the targeted portal.

  2. sidmcfarland on

    Unlimited in and eight out seems accurate. I think Cody Sommer is right. It seems to match up with everything I’ve seen. I read somewhere else that defense is boosted up to 50% depending on the number of links you have (up to eight). Hmm… eight maximum out links… and a 50% defense boost on eight links. So it seems to me that the number of “out” links (no “in” links) is not only limited to eight but it is these types of links (out) that contributes to defense boost. Does that sound reasonable?.

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Ingress: Single Portal Link Limit

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