Decoding x.mp3 Clue


One of our community members D.J. Harbaugh decoded the sound clue x.mp3 and here is how he did it:

I didn’t think it sounded like Morse code, so I Googled for ways to encode a message in music, a technique known as stenography . I found a Lifehacker article talking about the Dark Knight apparently using this technique, which led me to the program Sonic Visualizer. I was stumped at first, because their only instruction was to “Add spectrogram  and play with it. However, I had to add a specific type of spectrogram, the “melodic range spectrogram”. A little tinkering with the zoom on the waveform produced the image:


This is brilliant decoding work, and hope that we will have him for more sound puzzles! Hats down!

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  1. Excellent work! The code didn’t work by the time I got to it, but I love learning how the puzzles are solved. Thanks for all the work!!

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Decoding x.mp3 Clue

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