Ingress: Biggest Control Field Ever +728600617722 MUs


So again we have turnaround in state of the Ingress domination, resistance is leading by just 728b MU’s!

ingress-resistance-dominationBut we hunted down the exact control field that got this much MU! Yeah it’s a single and now biggest control field ever created of +728600617722 MUs, here is location of the field: (Russia)


And here is COMM data about it:

12:55PM SSKumk created a Control Field @Фигурачистильщика,околообув (ulitsa Kirova, 139, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia) +728600617722 MUs


So ingress resistance has a new hero in its squad, its SSKumk and he probably covered Niantic lab with his field or something similar. We will keep you updated with all info about this and its gonna be funny to see next about this being some disaster in their facility or something among that lines!


Member of our g+ community Mark Matarazzo found something interesting: “Check out the three portals that made the control field.  They’re all in an exact straight N-S line.  The field therefore has zero area…I smell a divide-by-zero bug.”

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  1. But you realize that there’s only a bit above 7 billion people in the world,right? Therefore, it’s either a bug or a hack. Just as it was with the Enlightened side.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues till 12/21/12 with some major game changing event on top of the open public release accruing in conjunction. That is if this overtly obvious glitch is another pre-planned Niantic game changing element, and not a poorly executed game hack used by an exterior element…

    • I came across this link also this morning and about to post my findings and opinions on this mater…It does appear to be an Niantic designed twist to the game play story of The Android Ingress Geo-Tagging game…

    • Here is another thing I found…A same day corresponding post on the Niantic Project blog website has a reference to a one “P. A. Chapeau” that this audio recording discusses the fact there is no real identifiable record in any database for a one “P. A. Chapeau” and that it more likely then not a synonym name for something else…

      After some looking into this in the realms of it being an anagram, I came up with “Apache A Up”. This could give possible reference to an Apache HTTP patch update, referenced to as “A”, initiated on 12/12/12….

      I don’t know, but just a thought…

      In connection to this, I would believe a fully public updated release of Ingress will become available on 12/21/12 to the general public, along with another major game changing element introduced into the prevailing storyline aspect of the this game…

      Here is the link to the corresponding 12/12/12 “P. A. Chapeau” audio posting referenced above…

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Ingress: Biggest Control Field Ever +728600617722 MUs

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