Ingress: Is XMP Game Logic Changed?


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It seems that Niantic changed logic of how the XMP works. Some of the community members saw that even if you stand directly above resonator it will not give it highest damage. This is not the case from before the field decay event so we can assume that logic is changed.

There is also one post that confirms it! Here is a photo from that post by Wayne Howard


There is also theory that XMP do more damage to resonator that are in front you, so that XMP do more damage on 120-180 degrees and a lot less to resonators that are behind you. This makes huge game logic change, because it would be easy to focus few high level attack to wipe out portals that are lined up.

Did anyone had more experience with this? What about high level XMP’s?

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  1. That still seems wrong, frankly. If it’s really just distance-based to the center of a portal, those resonators should have about the same damage. Maybe vector-based? (if the wave passes through the center of the portal in a certain direction, the resonators in that direction get more damaged)

  2. danmcglathery on

    I’m still having the issue. I was just out tonight and fired about 50 total XMP’s a mix of L2 and L3 on a L1 portal with 3 resonators all almost dead. I was only getting 1% damage per burst and was unable to take this failing portal with all the fire power I sent at it.

  3. I tested it in an all green town on 2 different days. It looks like everything in front of you gets hit heavy it only took me a few xmp to destroy a total line of resonators on multiple aligned portals but the weird inconsistent thing was it took me a ridiculous amount of xmp to destroy the left over resonators even when the where very low on left over energy. Even the left over L1 where hard to destroy.

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Ingress: Is XMP Game Logic Changed?

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