Ingress: Item Drop Rate Fixed


In last few days we had issues with agents been unable to get portal key on several hacking attempts. It was also integrated into the story:

Calvin: acceptable short term solution. Your last report mentioned some other disruption in the XM fabric based on the latest Keyhole survey.

Lynton-Wolfe: Yes. The portal key objects have become more difficult to synthesize. they are appearing less frequently The portal synch encoding has been harder for us to track. Something is definitely altering the XM flow, collecting it away from us, like something is going to be — for lack of a better word — birthed.

Today we got update on the item drop ratio issue:

Dr. Calvin,

An update to our conversation on Wednesday.

The XM fabric has evolved slightly since the shifts that occurred at that time.

Item synthesis rates are recovering, portal keys seem to be generating slightly more often, and in particular, when harvesting a portal in direct alignment with the scanner (i.e. a friendly portal), item production seems to always yield a positive net result.

I will be continuing to monitor the data and will provide an update as soon as we have learned more. olw

So this doesn’t only means that item drop rate is returned to normal, but also you got better chances that hacking friendly portal will be successful.

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  1. With this new low rate of key drops, I’m thinking it might be wise to focus on stockpiling keys and destroying resistance links to force them to use their own keys.

    It might also be wise to coordinate team efforts at reinforcing links when we do create them.


  2. PathToEternity on

    I went on an excursion today to capture a little over 30 uncaptured portals south of me – there were neutral portals, never before taken by either side. After capturing and burning out about a dozen, I just started capturing and hacking once before leaving, as I wasn’t getting any keys. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty to seventy hacks without a single key produced.

    I’ll keep farming my home portals, but until/unless I start getting a key a minimum of 25% of the time I won’t be wasting my time actually trying to do anything noteworthy outside of my home turf.

    My goal today was the AP, which I did get a ton of, but it quite unfulfilling to capture nearly three dozen portals and not get to link even two of them, let alone create any control fields or set up any intercity links.

  3. Just hit a local farm and was receiving multiple keys from portals for which we already had keys in inventory. Rolled out with 4 keys from one in particular.

  4. Key drop rates are still borked. It’s been <10% drop rate for me and I've burnt out numerous portals on multiple days without ever getting a key. As PathToEternity says if it stays that low then it's simply not worth the hassle of playing.

  5. I wasted several hours yesterday hacking, burning out, then hacking 2 portals I would like to link . no key. this is annoying and pointless.

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Ingress: Item Drop Rate Fixed

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