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Our community members are fast, we found Yuri Alaric Nagassa profile and his post that was discussed in http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc121a

Kureze: ADA asked me to authorize Yuri’s post. I approved it, as it does not cover classified information he is using a personal profile and it shows to anyone watching that Niantic is still functioning.

And there is a post on his profile that is approved:


Nice post but interesting stuff actually was going on with one of his posted photos:


First there is a Morse code hidden on edge of stone dragon eye:
–… … …. ….. . .. -. … – . .. -. ..- —.. .–. -…. –.-
Decoded to our first passcode: 7sh5einsteinu8p6q

There is one more detail in the photo and we cropped it out and there is one more encoded message:


Here is the encrypted message from photo: WKKwiXKfonkhivgoxXKuWKb

Member of our community Dave Maez decoded it:

From the text on Yuri’s photo.  I kinda brute forced this one and realized the caesarian shift was in a pattern:


Replace the roman numerals, and then the code is revealed.

1221 was written on CD image of the clue on Niantic project board. After we substitute roman numbers we got second passcode: 7vh6enlightenw6t6z

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Yuri Post Decoded

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