Decoding Viator2.png – Einstein Clue Jan 01


Using Mark Matarazzo post as a base and adding some stuff to it:

From Viator2.png on 1/1/13:

+Matthew Nana discovered that the E in Einstein (line 79) looked…weird.  Zooming in, the middle stroke in the E really did look tampered with.  There were several solid vertical lines of color where there shouldn’t have been.Viator2-decode2

The colors of those vertical lines, from left to right, are as follows:


To get these colors, you can open up the image in an editor and use the eyedropper tool, for example, to see what color it exactly is.

Standard RGB colors are in Hexadecimal, so we should first split them up like this:

00 00 00
69 76 72
65 69 69
69 71 76
73 69 69
7A 00 00
00 00 00

Hexadecimal numbers in this range also correspond to ASCII text.  Ignoring the zeroes, we can convert these hexadecimal numbers to ASCII to get:


Now here’s another trick Niantic likes to play: roman numerals.  Swap out “iv” for 4, “iii” for 3, and so on to get:


Now, this is not a passcode in and of itself.  There is one final leap you need to make.  This string of text is the prefix and suffix of a passcode, like so:

4re3 keyword q5s2z

But what is the keyword?  Well, for that we have to go back to the start.  In what word did we find the tampered colors?

Note: This passcode (hover this to reveal it) is already redeemed because it was decoded yesterday!

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  1. @Rojo – it says “Already Redeemed”. I believe this means its a valid passcode, but enough people have redeemed it that it no longer is valid.

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Decoding Viator2.png – Einstein Clue Jan 01

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