Ingress: Dropped Items Will Disintegrate in 12h



Newest game logic change happened yesterday, and source for it is chat between Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe:

Calvin: Oliver… are you there? Sent at 11:15 AM on Tuesday This chat is off the record

Lynton-Wolfe: yes. here

Calvin: had a few reports that objects dropped out of the scanner have been disintegrating/disappearing… Planned?

Lynton-Wolfe: yes. part of a recent upgrade to the systems here. The new version of the scanner is more efficient at manifesting XM based objects but the objects are no longer stable when detached from an operational scanner or portal. Objects dropped out in the world will lose cohesion and disintegrate in approximately 12 hours.

Calvin: So operatives have to use or lose it.

Lynton-Wolfe: correct.


This means that stash tactics don’t work any more, and this will further enforce 2000 items limit. Also this change will remove all dropped items that were swarming some areas, caused by item limit. Players were removing their media and low-level items to make space in their inventory, and made huge quantities of basically a junk in the game…

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  1. Danine Dolphin on

    This needs to be greater than 12 hours. If a teammate drops a gear for someone at work say, 7 pm. The other player has to get there before 7 am. This is too small a window. Please create a trade gear feature or up this to 48 hours. PLEASE.

  2. Ther should be a way to add Teams membres, and trade items like Portal key so a team member can send the key ton another player that own a higher livel portal to help create links etc… or exchangin L2 vs L6-7 Reosnator that a l3 user canon uses but having not enough l2 l3 resonator this would encourage sharing…

    • This would be a great thing.
      IDEA: if the portals that are linked can be upgraded with a TRADE upgrade or something like that. and than you can trade with people on the other portal via links….
      And if that portal is connected with another one, and that one has trade upgrade, than u can trade with that portal too… :)

      • Or how about the ability to store stuff on a portal? like one or two items per person. Make portal keys “disintegrate” when a portal is lost or taken over by another faction so they have to be relaimed.

  3. The line “The new version of the scanner is more efficient at manifesting XM based objects” makes me think the cap could be raised. I really hope that is the case, as I am getting tired of dropping l1/2 gear to make room for good stuff.

  4. Perhaps giving people the option to create containers, or as F0F said, perhaps portals could be upgraded with containers/storage. Also, Since so many of us use G+ to coordinate, maybe even create a cell system in game. We’re all part of the same faction, but we create cells/sub-cells to better organize. Sorta like online gamings “clan” system. Except I think the term “Cell” definitely works better with the spirit of this game.

  5. Not to revive an old deal, but the other week I dropped some keys around 3pm saturday, and the other player didnt go to get them until monday afternoon (lunch break at work).. it was just shy of 48 hours and all the keys remained. So did they extend the time limit, or is the 12 hour limit for xmp and res but keys don’t expire or have a longer life?

  6. I’d prefer to see a highly restricted (but not highly rare dropping) Trade/Store/Exchange Mod which would preferrably only be applicable to portals that’ve been built up to l7 at least.Of course these d apply decent defense stats aswell,think bank vault. And to make it more interesting,a chance at dropping a randomised item from said storage once the portal gets destroyed/flipped. (Utterly evil option-flipping also turns the storage items over to the new controller,oh deliciously evil…)

    P.S. Obviously the upkeep costs of a portal with this mod should be tripled.

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Ingress: Dropped Items Will Disintegrate in 12h

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