Ingress: Three L8 Portals in San Francisco




I was going to write a post about first Ingress L8 portal, but after I zoomed a bit to make a nice close screenshots of it,  I found 2 more WTH! In San Francisco group of resistance players made 3 L8 portals, with no fuzz over it… And after some research I saw that almost all portals around 20-30 of them needed few L8 resonators to level up to level 8. Here we have some screenshots and we are searching more to see if there is anything like this area anywhere close to this place. We also want to publish story about this if we can contact any of the players that are making this resistance stronghold in SF.

Players that made all this happen:

  • Moschops
  • tanzanite
  • josh
  • romeoso
  • lipko
  • brandroid64
  • MrAnalytical
  • urthling
  • iminurportalz



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  1. The first level 8 portals that I’m aware of were created back on December 12th–and they were Enlightened. ;) We had a nice level 8 farm on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto if you’d like to see the screenshots… :D

  2. MrAnalytical & romeoso are always destroying my resonators in the south bay. They make me sad when they come through :(

  3. I don’t know the others but Brandroid64 is amazing. He can travel great distances in mere seconds. He can enter heavily guarded museums at any hour. He has special privileges at Disneyland that let him enter after the gates are closed. He is truly a masterful player who impresses me with his Ingress skills.

  4. Thanks guys. josh & lipko deployed the final L8 resonators on The Fat Lady portal last night to make it the first Bay Area Resistance L8 Portal.

    Brother is right, though. The Enlightened launched the first L8 portal ever in Palo Alto on Dec. 12, 2012. The first of ENL L8 portals was also called “The Gates of Hell”, which was effectively closed by the South Bay Resistance within the hour. ;)

  5. Well maybe not just for the birds, but for the boards? Totally. I still dare you to take down the portal. Dare you. Triple dog dare you.

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Ingress: Three L8 Portals in San Francisco

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