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The newest version of Ingress 1.18.1 got us some game balance change. XMP range is now a lot shorter. This is probably done to balance growing number of high level players and their impact on the game. This is good change and we support it, we need more game balance changes in the future.


New XMP range with change:

L1 – 42 m (-8)
L2 – 48 m (-27)
L3 – 58 m (-42)
L4 – 72 m (-53)
L5 – 90 m (-60)
L6 – 112 m (-88)
L7 – 138 m (-162)
L8 – 168 m (-232)

Screenshots of XMP burster items and new range values:


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  1. slickriptide on

    Well, if they did their job right it’s the server that computes burst range, not the client and your updating or not won’t make any difference.

  2. I think the reason for the update is so that slower devices don’t crash when trying to show the animation of 100+ resonator’s taking hits. This has (many times) caused my game to completely crash ~ screen freezes until the app crashes.

    • I would be more inclined to believe this if the adjustment was specifically focused on higher xmp’s that are going to AoE. They knocked a significant chunk off the range of *every* lvl xmp, so this screams nerf all the way.

  3. Wouldn’t the range changes be a server update, and therefore, change regardless of whether you update the app?

  4. So what happens if you don’t allow the app to update automatically anymore. Will you be al lot stronger than everyone else without any effort or will the staff notice what’s happening and ban you? If they don’t, this would be a really easy way to cheat.

  5. *shakes fist at triune* Now it’s going to be a pain in the ass to kill all your L6 portals without getting XM-stabbed to death.

  6. I doubt that the app has anything to do with deciding the XMP distance. That could be controlled at the servers or via meta data your app grabs each time it connects.

    What you see stat and animation wise is probably decided by the app.

  7. I think the developers (Who probably are high level) need to keep in mind the experience for newer players.
    The range is fine if the app allows bursters to be aimed. in its current form the app becomes more dangerous, and makes it even more difficult for low level players to attack. Many resonators are in inaccessible places, private property, or in the middle of roads.

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Ingress XMP Bursters Range Changed

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