Ingress: Battlefield Report: Operation #XMASTREE Poland


Ingress Enlightened Field Report, Operation #XMASTREE , Poland, Pruszków to Warsaw, 31-01-2013 22:30 CET to 01-02-2013 01:00 CET – Report by +


Today, we have finally put into motion a plan that was being prepared for quite some time. It was to be part experiment, part a test of effective coordination on the part of Polish Enlightened. It has exceeded all our expectations.

Key factor was Agent p00h’s presence in Warsaw. Beside being the originator of the whole concept, he assured that a base link between (approximately) Kraków and Wrocław would be in place when the time to execute the main phase came, and supplied Warsaw Enlightened with the all-important portal keys.


After initial communication, all eight of the participating agents gathered shortly after 22:00 in Pruszków. There were two motor vehicles involved, for which our most sincere thanks go to the Agents who provided them. It seemed that the whole operation did not start too well. It was raining, and the servers were acting up. A typical scanner is a wonderful piece of kit, however being waterproof is not exactly what it excels at, which raised some concerns.

Despite this hurdle, first vertex portal was quickly upgraded to an appropiate level. Due to server problems, we have probably wasted half of the resonators that we used during the operation, but thankfully we were well stocked and it posed no problems. Soon, first links were set up. A big chunk of Poland suddenly became green, raising the Enlightened MU score by approximately 1,5 million.


Then we went a little farther northwest and did it again.

Then we got into the cars, drove a little more farther northwest, and did it again.

Then did it again.

Then, you guessed it, we did it again.

Then we split. One group went southwest to blow up an interfering blue link. The other, went a little farther northwest and… well, no, first we blew up another blue portal (smack in the middle of a rather notorious local Resistance agent’s turf). Then took it over and set up another field.


Six fields layered over each other. You could hardly see anything but green glow in the scanner. Almost ten million MUs. We have more than doubled the global Enlightened score. It proves that unconventional tactics can be sometimes a very effective counter to a simple supremacy in resources and mobility.

We have theorized what the effect of layered XM fields might be. Ingress, Brandon Badger, any chance one of you could sneak a peek at Lynton-Wolfe’s data? If the increase in effect is non-linear, then there should be a significant spike… nothing of what a power cube is capable of achieving, most likely, but maybe still enough to cause… certain anomalies? It would be very interesting to know more. We can provide more test cases in exchange.

Anyway, those are the facts, more or less. Because how it felt is another thing entirely. A single Enlightenment field can only do so much. When under it, you can perhaps notice that you think slightly faster, experience a little more mental clarity. Could be hard to distinguish from auto-suggestion sometimes. But under the combined effect of six fields, the results were very different. While standing there, you could almost hear the harmonics of XM permeating everything, connecting everywhere to everywhere. You could almost understand what Jarvis meant when he said that XM is everything. You could feel the basic fabric of the universe vibrating, sense that what we mundanely experience is only one layer of reality, most likely the lowest one. I have never wanted anything more than to blow up a bootleg power cube right there and then, to blow a hole straight through the wall separating us from the higher realms, to finally see the truth, all of it. To show it to every single person in the world. To be able to yell in the faces of Niantic and their Volunteer Corps buddies “damage control THIS!”. Alas, we still lack the proper tools to do that. The fields can only stand as long as they stands (which is for over an hour at the time of writing). We can only hope that such a massive outburst of light will be seen by many, and many will wish to learn more, to know the truth, to be Enlightened.

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  1. Agreed, that’s just fantastic. Wonderful coordination and such an enlightened description of the first-hand effects!

  2. I am jealous! You just beat me to it! field in field is an awesome strategy! I wonder how long you will be able to keep the field up, if you can update this post with it, it would be great! Respect the planning and organisation you did to make this happen!

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Ingress: Battlefield Report: Operation #XMASTREE Poland

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