Niantic Labs Employees on Cowgirl App Hangout



Niantic Labs employees (+Anne Beuttenmüller  +Brian Rose and +Brandon Badger) got into Cowgirl App hangout and talk a bit about Ingress.


Here is some stuff that we cached from the hangout:

  • Niantic Labs have 30-40 people working on all their projects (Like a start-up inside of Google)
  • They talked about invites and how they have limited number in the start and they started giving codes for the art with #ingressinvite tag. Also they used this to polish the game and make sure that they have enough server power to support it
  • People talked about they Ingress experiences and meeting other people
  • They are talking about whole back story, and they hired some people in LA to help them with the plot. And most interesting thing is that whole plot is not determined but players will have influence to the story. One of the examples is Mounds sunset capture event
  • They confirmed that they will make more missions to engage people more. And they can do city specific missions to be like scavenger hunt or something like that. And you will gain some kind of achievements or badges that will be shown at your Profile (So this confirms player profiles also, never mentioned before)
  • They also explained that driving force in Ingress is Leveling up, but they hope that will switch to mission achievements and that would be more fun
  • They also stated that they could add more levels for example from L9 to L16, but they like more achievements and missions – so we think that they will concentrate to that segment before they start actual level increase
  • They talked about creating API and enabling developers to build meta games based on the ingress architecture and servers. They are worried about they servers
  • They talked about and how they love all the fan sites and communities that are created around Ingress
  • They have a road map of year+ of cool stuff coming in the game.
  • They don’t like cheating, so they have few algorithms that are working on finding cheaters, also they encourage everyone to report suspected cheaters
  • Some awesome and funny battlefield stories mentioned
  • They talked about possible integration with Google+ so you can create teams and manage them with the circle and that will reflect to the game, possible application of this is team chat, and so on…
  • They talked about their partners and money, and they said that first you create great experience for the gamers  and after it will be more chance for making money. They are working hard to give us best game experience and they will continue to do it.
  • There are no typical ingress players, but there are some different archetypes (Attackers, Deployers, Supporters)
  • They are working on more items. More types of shields (they probably though about mods) and weapons. They talked a bit about portal turret rumor that we reported a long time ago.
  • Inventory is very problematic and they are working on it, they also work on NFC item transfer option, that’s going to be cool
  • Ingress iPhone app is confirmed to be in the road-map
  • They couldn’t confirm or deny that ADA turned power down on Superball :)

This is just a part of it, so here is full hangout and watch it, it’s worth your time:

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  1. The game is just about to loose its point for the weaker faction. No motivation to play at all. Niantic should do something about it!!!

    • We’ve dealt with this by arranging farming areas that the dominant team agreed to leave alone. Also campaigning hard for new players in our area. We are now equally as strong (through numbers) as the opposing team.

      The other team working with you makes it more fun for them as well.

  2. Cheating is still easier than ever. And my idea of spoof speed controlled GPS has apparently been assembled by someone else and is in motion. Ive seen a p.o.c. of it in action (on gmaps not ingress) . Good luck with those algorhithm’s! You need to employ a system check on device for spoofing. But a custom ROM would be able to spoof your spoof detector. Like I said 4 months ago. Cheat I g will never end. Its easier to create a new method than to stop one.

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Niantic Labs Employees on Cowgirl App Hangout

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