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Brandon found great plugin today. It’s a user script that is converting the page and transforming it completely. Here is what they say about it:

It’s annoying to extend the Intel page with new features because the minified code makes it hard to grasp what’s going on. Also, one has to play catch up each time Ninantic put up a new version because all the variables might get new names.

So instead, here’s a userscript that starts from scratch

So they actually redone whole page or service… This is probably huge violation of Ingress ToS so we are not sure if this plugin will survive for long time…

But here is our review and some basic stats about this plugin/script:

Ingress Intel Userscript


It’s completely redefining whole user interface. Everything is made from the scratch. Map now have lot more layers, and not only ones from Google Maps. Now you have Open Street Map layers too, and by default you see the OSM layer and you can switch to one you want.


Other great feature is that you can select ingress object you want to see on the map: Portals, Links and Control Fields.

Portals are represented as circles – green, blue and orange. Links and fields are shown like on the original Intel. The feature that is removed is number of resonators that is around portal, and visually different portal levels (we wrote about them before) If you select a portal it turns its color to red and if you are close enough you can see an orange circle around it. It represents action range for that portal. Also if in field of view, there is a red circle around the portal that represents portal linking range. One more missing feature is zoom bar, for people who have scroll at mouse / touchpad this is not an issue. If you don’t have anything you could use ctrl + “+” or ctr + “-” to zoom in or out of map.



Comm also got a complete revamp, it’s still at same place but with some addition and some missing features. Comm now can be expanded to the top of the page and this is quite useful  There are 3 tabs, automated, public and faction. Automated is all the Ingress notification, deploying resonators, destroying, decaying, and so on… The public chat is completely filtered from all the automated ingress reporting, and now even looks more useful. Last tab is faction and it only displays messages from your faction.


One improvement in the COMM is that links now are clickable. One missing feature is global switch. So if you want to see global comm, you will need to zoom out quite a lot.

Lets switch to most interesting part of plugin, the right sidebar where most of the player and portal info is displayed.

Player info


On the sidebar, in the top of it the info about player level is displayed. Player level, name, XM levels and how is leveling going. If you hover the player name you will get tool tip with a bit more info about player, including number of invites that you have.

After player info there is global score board with current MU levels and percentages, and below it there is search location so you can go whenever you want.

Portal info


Some of the best upgrades are actually about portal info that you can get from this plugin. On the top there is a name of portal. Under it there is portal profile photo and portal Level in the top-right corner.

After it you can see a list of mod slots witch could be equipped with shields. When you hover over the portal mod, you will see who put it there and what type is it: common, rare or very rare.


After it you can see player name who captured portal and date when he did it. Also you could see the range of the portal, if you click on the range map will zoom until you can see whole range circle to give you an idea how long links you could make. There is also portal energy info.

One very cool feature is that now you can see how many incoming and outgoing links are on this portal. And last stat is the average distance of the resonators from the portal.

There is also resonator info, you could see who placed them and if you can differentiate resonator levels by color than it would be very easy for you to get it. If you hover over the resonator you will get some more useful info like the exact distance of resonator from the portal.

In the end there is portal link, that you can use for sharing or bookmarking your portals and report issue link, that prepares some data you could use when reporting issues with the portals.

Passcode Redeem


Section for passcode redeeming is also redone but it’s not working still so we couldn’t test it, we will add more as soon as Intel passcode redeem is possible.

Also some stats about showing portals from level and map status will be displayed on the bottom of sidebar.


  • feels faster. (Likely because leaflet is faster, although there are some other tricks.)
  • full view of portal images
  • better chat
    • separated automated/public/faction
    • only showing the last automated message for each user. Makes a great “where are they now” guide.
    • nick tab completion
    • clickable links
  • automatic idle resume
  • portal details get updated while portal is visible on map
  • links to portals made easy (partly works with the vanilla map, too)
  • info porn. Everything with the help cursor has more info hidden in a tooltip.
  • may toggle portals/links/fields
  • hack range (yellow circle) and link range (large red circle) for portals. Click on the range link in the sidebar to zoom to link range.
  • double clicking a portal zooms in and focuses it
  • display of XM and AP rewards for redeemed passcodes by Dovahkiin


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera


Here you can read more about it and download the userscript:


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  1. love it.. where the zoom out button for those of us that arnt using a scroll wheel mouse?
    i really hope they let you keep working on this .. as its fantastic.. I agree with a comment from above.. this should be made into an app for our devices. Kudos.

  2. Impressive job ! If you could just add a link / field simulation function, that would be perfect !
    Like from the portal window you could add its key to a list, and from that list select 2 or 3 portails that would simulate a link / field on the map.

  3. How likely is it that your user account gets banned for using this script? Or is it just the script itself that will be banned in case (Even though I think this is not possible)?

    • My script which is a more limited but still useful Intel mod, has drawn the attention of Niantic before. Every member using it got an Email from Niantic. This goes to even further extremes than I did so may draw more attention. (My script is actually at reduced functionality now :()

  4. Great job!! Thanks.
    Could you please add configurable portal information that should be printed on map near each portal (like portal level, max resonator health, fields square that are based on this portal etc.. (by default only portal level). This functionality will be amazing.
    Also It would be cool to have possibility filter portals by some criteria.

  5. Love it, so much better than the default one, well done.

    Would love it if you could add a calc for the amount of AP that’d be gained from destroying a portal. Also if the level of a portal could be shown on the map that’d be awesome

  6. Can’t see how this could possibly be “banned”, since it’s javascript sitting on your PC – much like the various Facebook interface tweaks that have been around for years.

    It’s reformatting/redrawing the results that are already being sent from Niantic. That’s *very* different than an app that is sending queries to the Niantic webservers.

    Niantic would be smart to pull a Blizzard, Inc. and incorporate this “mod” into the core functionality of the Ingress map.

  7. Works perfectly on my Chrome. Would it be possible to display the Portal Keys, e.g. with a little key symbol next to a portal?

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  9. And it’s gone:


    Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing
    Ingress information. Unfortunately, Ingress Intel Total Conversion all
    IITC plugins, and your mobile Ingress Intel app are in violation of our
    Terms of Service .

    We would greatly appreciate it if you remove all works, and refrain from
    creating any future works using Ingress content.

    Please reply to this email when the works in question have been deleted.



  10. Wow…. I don’t really have an opinion on this, but I can say the post by Lenette would be enough to turn me off of ingress for good, had I been the creator of this script. Just Short of being flat out rude, I get the impression that “we are not happy with what you have done, remove it and don’t you dare do anything ingress development related again”. This is a tad surprising (unlike most things android); community driven – ingress is not.

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Ingress Tool: Ingress Intel Total Conversion Plugin Review

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