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Here we go with bad news folks, one more Ingress game logic change happened in last few days, and we confirmed it today with help of our great G+ community members. No more AP love for deploying portal shields. Instead of getting 150 AP per shield that you deploy, now you don’t get any AP at all.

This change probably happened because of the Zipcar passcode flood. Lot of players got 1000+ portal shields and just by deploying them they could gain 150 000 AP, this was an issue and it seems that is resolved now. For people who were saving them for dark times, you will not be happy about this.

We didn’t get any announcements from Niantic Project site about this game logic change, and we are not sure if this is going to be permanent.

With all this, it’s very possible that this behaviour will be left as is for some time. But we have a suggestion, to still reward agents for deploying first 4 shields on one portal. So to gain more AP players will need to go to next portal and deploy them there. In this way, you would still reward people who are not abusing shield deploying by deploying/removing shields on the same portal. One other possible way that would also help in this case is to make portal mods non removable. And only shield upgrade to be possible much like with portal resonators, that would also solve this and problem that other players can’t upgrade shields if the low quality shields are deployed. Who knows maybe they will listen yo our suggestions.

What do you think about this change, and what should be done with deploying portal mods game logic?

UPDATE: 1 hour ago Brandon Badger’s commented on post about this in Ingress community: “We’ll soon make installation and upgrades of shields work like upgrading Resonators and at that time we’ll go back to giving AP for shield installs and upgrades.” 




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  1. “One other possible way that would also help in this case is to make portal mods non removable” and keep the 150Ap for deploying one, will be fair…

    • They’re removable so they can be upgraded by you. Silly that they don’t use the same upgrade logic as they have for resonators. They should buff the power of shields, and make it so each player can only deploy 1 shield of each type (Common, Rare, Very-Rare). That would add a layer of community to the item.

      • They probably planned for there to be more than just shield mods originally (you can see values for reflectivity/absorption instead of just mitigation, which shields provide). Now that they are planning on switching to the regular upgrade architecture, it seems like we should give up on the possible existence of other mods :(

  2. Stephen Cerruti (Osprey1) on

    I don’t like the idea of non-removable portal shields. I think that maybe we should return portal shields to providing AP but put a cool down on shield removal.

    Frankly the whole zip car thing was a mess, and I only say that because I was out in the field and didn’t get any loot.

    They need to get those extra shields out of inventory and any hint that this is temporary won’t do that.

  3. This change really annoys me because it does nothing to fix the fact that it was already abused, and hurts people who have been saving shields they get from hacking in normal amounts. I always thought it was weird you could take them off. i do like the suggestion of keeping the 150 AP for first shield placed and allow upgrading them for AP like with resonators, because how it is now, low level shields are not worth the inventory space to keep them.

  4. Daniel ( dgl3906464) on

    I think they should be non-removable, but should allow you to deploy on top, so long as yours is higher level – like resonators. then you can get upgrade ap and initial deploy ap.

  5. Having them removable seemed weird in the first place. I like the idea if upgrading existing ones, particularly since you can’t remove others’ shields. Deploying shields for the first time should be worth more than upgrading, similar to how resonators function.

  6. “One other possible way that would also help in this case is to make portal mods non removable” and keep the 150Ap for deploying one, will be fair…I agree with this.

  7. Viperious (SLC, UT) on

    Why don’t they just wipe the shield count on those accounts that abused the passcode system and not punish those that didn’t?

  8. Having the removable mods opens the game up to new portal mods. making them none removable will make it harder to create new mods the user can deploy on a portal, the issue here is if a player loads up a portal with all shields, then the new mod type may not be deployable over the shield mod. I like the thought of a cool down time, so when the mod that was added to the portal the mod cannot be removed for say an hour. once removed a new mod can be deploy. with keeping the ability to remove mods I still think there needs to be a limit on who can remove the mods. the thinking here is that a spy can remove all the mods then attack the portal.

  9. JustPlayingBytTheRulesInPlace on

    1st off. I agree the system in place is faulty. A lot of good ideas such as only upgradeable, not removable. 1st deploy gets the AP, the upgrades get a lower AP.

    I totally agree the system is flawed, but to say people abused the system is not fair. The system is at fault and whoever decided to creat passcodes in sequence and for one company (for advertising!), they are at fault.

    Everyone had the chance to play the game, the way the game allowed.

    Having a system defined timer on how many resonators and shields AND passcodes can be deployed is just an idea.

    Be fair, don’t hold a grudge especially if you did not get to use the passcodes. If you did have a chance, I am sure some (or more) of you would not be complaining.

    The Ingress system needs to be fixed. It’s in beta so why not change the rules and fix it.


  10. Honestly, I’m on the edge of loosing interest in Ingress as a whole and this is partly to blame. I agree that it should be more fair and the rush of codes could easily upset the balance that some players have built, but for me, it was an equalizer.

    I don’t have a lot of spare time to play or go on operations, and I understand that this alone will hurt my abilities, but when I do have time, all of the enemy portals around me are much higher levels than I’m capable of tackling and with few players able to come my way to help. So the only way that I can play is if I quickly get up to speed (level) to be able to contend, and I was hoping that these shields would put me in that realm. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time (and/or a friendly portal w/o a shield) to grind away for the stored AP before this went into effect.

    Basically, I’m back in my bind and loosing interest quickly.

    The game play balance only works if there are multiple “Leveling Grounds” spread around a city to counter the inevitable spread of high level portals that the game currently calls for. This is a race to become the highest level possible and to make your friendly portals the same, which is great, but only works once without intervention.

    I don’t like to complain without at least a basic suggestion to help so here we go.

    Possible ways to balance the game play:
    Although the area as a whole changes back and forth often, my area is very stagnant. So something to prevent this seems needed.
    -Could have a mechanism for random disasters in areas/portals that are considerably overused or have little activity This would still allow for farming, but if the enemy only has low level players in an area, then it allows for them to swoop in and gain some much needed AP before it gets taken back.

    Another one for new players that are struggling:
    -A mechanism that actually benefits the lower levels over higher ones; opposite of how current XM capacity, bursters ability, etc currently work. This could be a part of the intro story line in the form of “becoming more fanatic in your chosen side” and until level 3, both sides try to sway/keep you causing more hacking benefits from both sides.
    -An easy one is more missions for all, but heavily weighed towards the lower levels and then again more story heavy for higher levels.

    Though I think that a great way to add balance would be to encourage what many areas have already discovered. The “Leveling Grounds”:
    -The easiest way could be the use of training portals that could only be upgraded to level 3 and have a severely limited link range (max of 1/2 mile). These could be deployed by higher level players (level 5+ and only one per player and only movable by the originating player) of either side and only usable for level 1-3 players (could gain AP up to getting level 4). I think that there needs to be a level buffer between the ability to use them and deploy your own to help mitigate abuse.

    These are very fluid ideas and if you think that they could be improved (I do), then please suggest it.

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No More AP Love for Portal Shields

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