Battle Gear: Ingress T-Shirts


Niantic added official Ingress themed t-shirts on the Google store, they have some awesome designs: here


They also added some cool Ingress patches that you can use. They have Ingress, Resistance and Enlightenment patches available: here


We also found some more cool unofficial wearable Ingress battle gear:

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I love the smell of XM in the morning

I love the smell of XM in the morning


I am here




I’d rather be portal hacking

Ingress resistance agent

Ingress resistance agent

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  1. Shame the only official ones are only available in the US at the moment. The Zazzle ones can be purchased in the UK if you change the ‘.com’ to a ‘’ though.

  2. OK so I looked at the patches but the shipping is outrageous. 10.21 just for shipping 2 patches to NJ plus tax came out to just over $12. I will find another source, no thank you.

  3. For supposedly being an official store of Google, it’s shocking how basic looks. Still placed an order though, looking forward to getting some stuff. :)

  4. Wow, seriously? Are you trying to lure people in with decent prices and then profit off the shipping?

  5. Any chance of any of this stuff being available across the pond? Really want some of the stuff on the site, but can only ship within US/Canada, european version has no ingress stuff at all.

  6. I’m looking for an Enlightened sweatshirt that I can customize to putt my husband’s username on the sleeve. Anyone know where I can find something like that?

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Battle Gear: Ingress T-Shirts

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