Ingress Intel Total Conversion Update 0.7.8


With latest Ingress Intel Map Update and switch to the https only broken the IITC script, but developers were fast and we already have emergency fix with some other changes. So update script to the latest version and it will work again.

Change log from 0.7.1 to 0.7.8

  • Feature: the “gmaps” link for each portal has been replaced with a “poslinks” one. It offers Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and QR-Codes for easy transfer to your mobile phone (by Merovius).
  • Feature: the exact capture time is now shown in a tooltip in the portal details (by j16sdiz)
  • Change: most scripts are now included in the UserScript directly. Was the easiest solution to the HTTPS issue.
  • Change: minor improvements when render limit is about to be hit.
  • Bugfix: map base layer wasn’t always remembered in Chrome
  • Bugfix: QR Code rendering broken (in 0.7.5, fixed in 0.7.6)
  • Bugfix: Script broken in Firefox sometimes (fixed in 0.7.7)
  • Bugfix: some graphics were not available due to GitHub’s limits. Affected plugins: draw tools and player tracker. Need to update IITC and both plugins for the fix to come into effect. (fixed in 0.7.8)

Download and install:

Ingress intel total conversion 0.7.8

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Ingress Intel Total Conversion Update 0.7.8

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