A Message to P.A. Chapeau


Message from agent +Joshua Reiniger to PAC (link) concerning #saveklue event

And P.A. Chapeau response (link):

Agent +Joshua Reiniger,

Likewise, I admire you and your conviction, I have simply taken a different path. That path is neither Enlightened or Resistance… I am a seeker of the truth. As you are, we just go about it in different ways.

Understand, I am not an agent of the Resistance, I am an agent of balance. My belief is that the truth can only be found in balance, and that is why I found your report so worthwhile.

To understand your words is to understand your truth, but also to understand that an opposite truth exists.

In response to your message, here is what I would ask you and the rest of the investigative community:

Can the Enlightenment thrive without the Resistance, or vice versa?

Why must Jarvis share this message so secretly with Klue, why does he need her to go to him and not vice versa? If his message is so important, why not share it directly with the world?

How is that Klue is being drawn to Jarvis? Is it her choice, is it the will of those who side with her, or something else?

Every answer will lead to another question. Every question will remind you that the system of the world is more complex than we could ever imagine.



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A Message to P.A. Chapeau

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