Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile


One great Ingress news is here: Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile version is up, and it works great. This is still Alfa version (0.2) so expect some bugs here and there, but I have used it and it works great.

This is optimized for phones, tablets will show classic version, and in the future developers will concentrate on phones, so tablets will stay behind. But this is still great new app, and we loved how it is optimized to work on low res phones.


It’s hard to express how awesome is this app, and how much I loved using it for last few hours, except some annoying bugs with switching layers.

You can help:

IITC Mobile is cool, but people that work on it are mostly consist of hard core developers, that’s why this script is so cool. But they need help, they would use some designer skills. So here is open call for designers that can join and help this project, mostly some icons and other graphic stuff needed. Here is call from wiki page:

How I can help: We need nice icons for the mobile app. The idea is to move everything into the dark bar on the top, but text takes up too much space. The required icons are, in order of importance: Map → Sidebar (Info) → Faction Chat → Public Chat → Full → Compact → Locate → Reload → Print Version → Debug. If you are skilled in icon design or know a friend, maybe you can contribute? The license needs to be something open, like Creative Commons, Public Domain or similar. You can attach the icons to a GitHub ticket or mail them directly to me:

More about IITC mobile here:


Go to this wiki page and get it from one of the mirrors:


This app works only on Android 4.0+

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Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile

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