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Here is one very handy plugin for Ingress Intel Total Conversion script (IITC) and it’s only for user script not for new Mobile – Android version of IITC.


This plugin will show you top 10 portals that will gain you highest amount of AP on the current map view.

Plugin will add 2 links below Portal Info area on right sidebar, one for enemy and one for friendly portals. For enemy portals plugin is calculating how much AP will you gain if you destroy portal, and deploy all resonators on it. So it will calculate all fields, links and resonators AP that you get from destroying it. To be more handy it will show you how much AP you will get for destroying and capture it, when you hover over AP count.

For friendly portals it will show you top 10 friendly portals that you can upgrade and deploy resonators. For now that is only 2 actions that are calculated for friendly portals. 10 AP for recharging is not calculated in this version. And for now we still don’t get any AP for deploying portal mods. To be more handy it will calculate based on your level what resonators you can deploy on the portal.


There are few more features, when you zoom in or out, you will get reload button to reload data for the new map view. Also if you hover over portal name, you will get full address of the portal. And if you click on the portal name you will open portal info on the sidebar above the list.


So how do you like this IITC Plugin and do you have any ideas how to improve it?

Download AP List IITC Plugin:

AP List download




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AP List – IITC Plugin

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