There is a New Meaning for Passcode in a HINT


Today Niantic started a new HINT on Ingress passcodes. They started hiding passcodes under HINT Water bottle caps. Here is Klue with her favorite drink… and the code that she found under the cap:

And Niantic project published:

Klue is back, and she’s discovered something interesting…

I tried to get confirmation from my other sources. It seems the codes are definitely beginning to hit the west coast of the USA, and will probably spread to the east coast as well in time. No confirmation yet on how frequently the codes appear, or what Hint Water’s relationship to Exotic Matter might be… As Klue said, the brain is 70% water…

So go grab your HINT Water. It may have a passcode under the cap. Let us know what you get from it.

HINT Bottle Line Up for Ingress


Happy hinting!



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  1. ugh..i tried that “hint” water. it was nasty. guess i’m never finding out any new passcodes under the cap.

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  3. 500 XM, (3) L3 Resonators, (2) L3 XMP Bursters
    I’m Level 3, so at least we know that the supplies given seem to match your level. I got the code from Blackberry, no code on my Watermelon nor Raspberry-Lime. Blackberry tasted the best. I look forward to trying the other flavors, but that’s what they had at my local store.

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There is a New Meaning for Passcode in a HINT

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