New Ingress Items: Power Cubes?


With latest Ingress App update we notices new option in Items Filter menu: Power Cubes! We also tried few hacks, to see if the portals are dropping this new items, but so far no luck with it…

Here is screenshot of new Item Filters option:


So what it will be? A new weapon, or maybe a new Portal Mod? We can only guess and that will not bring us far.

What do you think, this power cubes are for?

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  1. I’m gonna go with a portal mod – a new device that will use some of the XM that resides around the portal to keep the resonators charged/slow decay rates….Or maybe increase the amount of damage done when an agent attempts to hack an enemy controlled portal…

  2. I’m thinking about a way to quickly restore XM resourse. Those things are just ment to be. Perhaps it’s gonna be something you can buy in google play store

  3. There was a mention of a powercube before. I forgot what it was for. I think it was supposed to store more XM

  4. The idea of power cubes is around since November, the early days!
    Let’s hope that turrets and missions get public eventually too!

  5. I’m sure that power cubes aren’t mods. Otherwise they would be in cathegory “mods”
    They probably are a way to store additional xm, so that they can be used in difficult situations or exchanged between players

    • This proves nothing.
      It was at the base of a portal, maybe it comes from portals (hacking??) so it was at its base…

  6. On my map this morning a saw a grouping of cubes. When I went to the location, which wasn’t far from my home, I found that I could [ACQUIRE] them. So I did. I did not see any change to my ops > items. It’s still a mystery to me.

  7. crazdsniper on

    description=enhanced power cube,that provides large xm storage and automatically recharges scanner until exhausted.

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New Ingress Items: Power Cubes?

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