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First Ingress book, The Alignment: Igress is finally hit the Google Play and Amazon stores. Ingress published it on their Google+ account. And they said that they needed to publish book on 2nd April to past April Fools day. Here is quote from them:

We had to wait until April 2nd, because nobody would believe that Google really released a book like this on April 1st. Now that we’re past April Fools, and you know that this is real, it’s time to purchase your copy of the Ingress book.
From New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias — A New Adventure and a New Hero

The wait is over for fans of the worldwide bestselling Raising Atlantis novels. Archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti return for the first time since The Atlantis Revelation in an all-new adventure that introduces adventurer and “exotic matter” tracker Hank Johnson. Their quest takes them to the dark heart of Africa in search of the secret behind King Solomon’s gold. But they unleash the curse of the legendary Queen of Sheba and must stop an ancient evil before it destroys the world.

The Alignment: Ingress is your portal into the larger world of Ingress, the new augmented reality experience from Google’s own Niantic Labs. Now you too, like Hank Johnson, can track exotic matter or XM, join the Enlightened or Resistance factions, and open your own transdimensional portals around the globe–and glimpse what’s on the other side.

You can buy the book here:

$2.51 on Google Play

$2.99 from the Kindle Store

View the book video trailer:

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Book: The Alignment: Ingress in Play and Amazon stores

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