Power Cubes are Here


Great new agents, we get reports that Power Cubes started to drop. And here is how they look like:


And they are storing huge quantities of XM in them, and it’s 1000 XM per Power Cube level:

  • L1 Power Cube = 1000 XM
  • L2 Power Cube = 2000 XM
  • L3 Power Cube = 3000 XM
  • L4 Power Cube = 4000 XM
  • L5 Power Cube = 5000 XM
  • L6 Power Cube = 6000 XM
  • L7 Power Cube = 7000 XM
  • L8 Power Cube = 8000 XM

This will be great tactical advantage in the field, and we can’t wait for some new ingress reports featuring use of Power Cubes to deploy some awesome strategies. I can’t say anything more than, go out and get some cubes.

Warning: They will not function until the next Ingress app update!

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  1. “This will be great tactical advantage in the field”

    I think its a very boring new game item… which does nrl nothing for high LvL player and isnt really needed for low L player..

  2. Can’t see the point of them, what’s the point of the xm mechanism if very common items get around it.

  3. Huh
    Huh ….this is very confusing:-S is it like the the cube in star treck? In which case im scared

  4. The availability of more L6-L8 resonators would be better! However, nothing is more annoying than trying to farm for equipment only to find out that I’m out of XM and can’t hack a portal for equipment because of this!!!!

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Power Cubes are Here

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