Links Contribute to Portal Defense up to 50%


Here is the leaked official graphic showing how much links contribute to portal defense.

As you can see 1 Link adds 10% of mitigation on up to 8 links providing 50% extra mitigation.


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    • I cannot find the link mitigation factor for a 5 nested fields (rare) terminating at an anchor portal with 8 links off of it. Do the fact that this is a rare (5 nested field) situation contribute or boost mitigation! Planning a “tactic” for attacking portal.

    • Accidentally replied to post, not you. I’d assume defensive boost = % mitigation (eg: 1 link = 10% mitigation shield, 8 links = 50% mitigation shield).

  1. I’d assume the same as x% mitigation offered by portal shields. So a portal with 4 rare portal shields and 8 links would be an expensive target. As a player from a community where enlightened is a heavy underdog, I’m not sure I see this as a good change. They always control most of the portals, which gives them the best spoils from hacking and easy points to level their players through field creation… now we’re going to burn through inventory that much faster trying to hang on to a couple of portals?

    I don’t understand how this is helpful.

    • Game changes should help to provide balance to the game.

      Let’s pretend the vast majority of players were resistance (Ex: 90%). This would be a very boring game and the world would be all blue. New enlightened would just give up, and new resistance would get bored.

      Well, this is happening in some areas. There are places where over 90% of the local active players are enlightened and areas where over 90% of the local active players are resistance. And new players on both teams quite due to either frustration or boredom.

      Niantic has already said that they will not reboot the game when the game leaves beta, but instead adjust the game logic so that new players can meaningfully contribute and level up, despite joining a year or more later than beta players.

      Well, how does “making it easier to defend portals” fit into this? This just makes it even more lopsided for the team with more players in a locality.

      • I cant agree with you there, people complaining that the game is too hard for newbies are just lazy. I got from lvl 1 to 7 in a month (5 weeks actually). That is very easy in my opinion and I would like it to be harder, it is no fun when I can go downtown and take down 20 portals and get 110k ap in under 2 hours. Portals shouldnt be taken down so easily.

        • You seem as out of touch as Romney when he made his 47% comment. You’re clearly a metropolitan player with competition on both sides.

          I’m specifically talking about areas where 1 faction far out numbers the other faction (like a 12 players vs 3 players scenario… one I see commonly in communities of 50k to 200k people).

          • Are you trying to tell me that in a situation of 12 against 3 both sides should have similar chance to succeed? That doesn’t make sense to me, balancing issues should be discussed when there are the same amount of players playing for each side, if one is outnumbering the other, of course the one side with more players will dominate, unless the side with less players is very well organized. I say the side with only 3 agents should recruit more to their side.

          • “I say the side with only 3 agents should recruit more to their side.”

            Try getting players not to give up while they’re still L1 agents when they’re heavily outnumbered. That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about balance. Not that it should be easier for an L1 player to level up necessarily or that an out numbered team should expect the same chance to succeed, but that it shouldn’t look utterly hopeless to an out numbered team.

            When an L1 player spends a week hacking and isn’t even able to destroy 2 resonators at a target portal, they’re probably not going to keep playing. That’s demoralizing and not fun.

            If you’ve ever played a real MMORPG, you’ll note that there are many different “handicap” techniques to make the game fun for utterly outnumbered or brand new players alike (one example is “party”s: an L1 joins a party with an L5 and gains the strength of the L5 player they’re with, but gets significantly less eXPerience as a result… it’s more fun, but they level slower).

            Ingress should be fun for anyone, wherever they start, whether they’re in a metro or a smaller city with only 50 portals and no teammates. If the game ever feels “pointless”, then it’s not balanced properly.

            Improving defence might be good for the big metros, but for the more rural areas, unbalanced teams is quite common and improving defence is detrimental to maintaining players.

          • Yes I play MMORPG’s since 2003 and in every game I palyed there is always the same chatter about inbalance and how high lvl players are overpowered, but they are high lvl because they actually played the game.
            On the hacking note, there is this guy around here who got from lv1 to lv4 in 10 days by just hacking, I never heard him complaining about the game being hard, after he was confident that his xmps would do some damage he started attacking portals, the problem is just that people wants to destroy everything on day 1.

          • Level 4 requires 70k points. That’s 700 hacks on enemy portals. I’m sure that’s doable in a few weeks somewhere with sufficient portal density. Again, you’ve clearly never played in a rural area. My community, for example, has about 50 portals. Hacking them all in one go would require about 50 miles of driving and take over 2 hours; and that’s just single hacks, not hacking them until burnout. But we’re lucky to have the 50 portals we have and two relatively balanced teams. The communities within 30-60miles of us all have 10 portals or fewer and are dominated by one faction or the other. Even the communities 2 hours from us are problematic, at best.

            Being an hour or less from a community that has a million+ population is much different from being 4 hours or more from the nearest community of that size. In rural areas (check communities on G+), one generally isn’t expected to hit L7 in less than 10-12 weeks. Single sided game play is common.

          • I made 8 in just under 2 months. I’m a rural player, and we didn’t have any Enlightened in town until I was a level 6. Invest the time, and you can level up quickly regardless of location. Of course there weren’t 12 Resistance either. I was the 3rd. But in a town that had 21 portals until my submissions started getting approved, I did a lot of driving to unclaimed portals in the surrounding 50 mile radius also.
            I’ll concede the point that if there is a 12:1 ratio of people going after AP, it would have been much more difficult to level.

          • This game is really designed for major metropolitan areas. If you live out in some small community, nobody cares. They can’t balance the game so everybody living out in the sticks can play, move to the city or stfu

          • I know these comments are old, but I feel I have something to share here.

            Paul, I find your use of a political reference to insult someone in very bad taste. That being said, I started on the Resistance in an area almost completely controlled by the Enlightened. We couldn’t do anything and leveling up was difficult. Defaguim is correct when he says the lower side should recruit more.

            There is a secret method to keeping low level players interested in continuing to play. This secret has an almost 100% success rate if done correctly. The secret I’m speaking of is this:

            Simply put, make friends and play together. Low Level players are more likely to stick around if they feel that they’re part of a group. When you play in a pack, you feel that much more powerful, and to be honest you ARE that much more powerful. In my area, we went from a handful of resistance agents, to a pretty powerful team. Three of us set up a 120 thousand MU field covering our entire city area (and more) just so the rest of the team could break enlightened portals and prevent them from linking them back up immediately.

            When I say make friends, I don’t mean JUST with your faction. I mean with everybody that plays. You’ll find that players of the opposite faction are people as well, and some are pretty damn awesome. Last night both Resistance and Enlightened players in this area were battling over a single portal. It was flip-flopping like a fish out of water, but the agents on both sides were having a great time chatting and blowing up each others stuff.

            Most places that are almost completely one-sided will relent a little and help your team level up in some way. It’s just as boring and demoralizing to not have competition. Eventually you hit item cap and have no way to use whats in your inventory short of travelling.

            Ours is a story of the Ingress Warzone. It was completely one-sided, but we played together as friends, and got a foothold that we’ve since turned into a formidable fighting force. Our home is truly an XM Battlefield, and yours can be too.

      • There is an incredibly easy way to solve this. If 90% of the time unfriendly portals gave you bursters and power cubes and friendly portals gave you resonators and shields, then both sides would have to allow the other to build high level portals in order to get high level gear.

  2. Frankly, I think this is makes the strategy much more interesting and interactive. Portal clusters with many links and some outgoing would be hard to take out, however, a combined effort between the players who can reach the portals linked outside of the cluster taking out single portal with one or two links will weaken the central farm cluster for the higher level players to smash.

    The game changes so must your strategy. Use communication outside of the in game Comm for secure and real time strategy development.

  3. This is a good thing from a more social aspect – if an environment is heavily controlled by either faction it’s up to the weaker faction to arrange regular meets to regain a foothold, reach parity and – eventually – take control of the city.

    • That was always the case. The weaker faction has never been able to do much without organization and playing together.

      Doing something like “if an enemy portal has been held for 7 days it starts giving gear on par with friendly portals” or “if a portal has been held for 7 days, it’s significantly more likely to give a virus to the opposing faction” would help outnumbered or out gunned teams gain a foot hold. But the link bonus just makes it easier for entrenched teams to stay entrenched.

      The XM requirements help some, by slowing down both teams and making it such that even the entrenched team has to play together. But link bonus really only helps defence, and defence was only an issue in areas with large populations of players on both sides. So while this change helps the metro players, it likely hurts the more rural players.

  4. Maybe if you all spent less time whining on this board; and more time out playing ingress you wouldn’t have half the problems you have. The reason you are getting discouraged has nothing to do with game mechanics or disparaging numbers. Its all in your head. Know that you can take a foothold and you will. Go as far as you can see and then you’ll see further. Trust me.

  5. When I started playing there were maybe 5 portals in my town (default suburbia), a huge skew towards resistance control and a few active high level enlightened actively recruiting. I made a few levels myself through persistance and was contacted by the local enlightened to join the group. Submitted a bunch of portals all over the town, kept plugging away at the game with some support from the team… less than 2 months later I’m on the edge of A8, recruiting has brought our numbers up even with the local resistance and there’s a hell of a lot more green on the map. There’s a lot of big portals around now and the map looks somewhat intimidating to new players but with all the new portals going live and the back and forth fighting on top of it we’re seeing new players level up pretty quick. So it kinda feels like the system works just fine to me.

    • I completely agree. I had pretty much the same situation, and it does just take persistence to overcome it. The problem is that most people view “persistence-required” as too difficult.

  6. It seems odd to worry about portal defense and this is coming from someone who was a level 1 less than a week ago (and level 4 (about 1/3rd the way to 5) today). If the portals do not have an advantage to being linked to more portals and there was no amount of effort required to take out a portal, that would leave high levels little or no interest in setting up portals.

    This would in turn create a cascading effect where higher level materials wouldn’t be available from portals as higher level portals wouldn’t exist. This would continue to trickle down until level 1 and level 2 portals were the norm and further ostracise higher level players.

    The way I see it, even if it is a pain for me to try to take down higher level portals, I understand it won’t always be that way and I am in no way discouraged from playing the game. (And, no, I live in suburbia, not hotly contested metropolitan areas – though I have infrequently gone out to said metro areas which are contested simply for the massive hacking opportunities.)

    Current strategy has, at least in my area, high level people helping out the low level players. Removing this defense buff would make things worse in every aspect of the game and eventually kill it in the end. I vote to keep it as is.

  7. I drove around over 50 miles my first day.. I just got accepted around 2 am and in 24 hours.. I went from lvl 1 to 2.6.. I happen to live in an area where there is a hand full of players and found a town with 20 portals .. with no one playing there… so I claimed them… if people are going to play a game like this one.. they need to know you may need to do some exploding and travel to find minefeilds of portals untapped. You cant expect google to auto tag portals for you like a stripmall unless they are historical towns like the one I found. If players get tired or frustrated with the scenario of imbalance regions. It should encourage then to lvl or explore the outlands of there zones and work in. This is not a fast paced organization unless conducted and orchestrated properly to produce the resaulting out come seeked. Last nigjt the enlighten owned Nashville.. this morning 89% Smerffed .. if an operation in conducted and networked properly… cities can fall… this is not a lone wolf free lancing 007 Agent style warfare.. you must plan, then account for time preparation and if needed… request for assistance from neighbouring towns counties cities villes want ever .. or remain disgruntled

    • I live in small town of just over 4000. It had 4 portals got it to 21. Hopefully have 10 new portals appoved in about 3 weeks time. All fun.

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Links Contribute to Portal Defense up to 50%

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