Simulate XMP Attacks with Ingress Portal Attack Simulator (IPAS)


Finally one new tool worth praising! Ingress Portal Attack Simulator short IPAS is a great tool that every Ingress Agent should try.


How it works:

First you set up the portal resonators and shields. You can set up everything, from distance of every resonator and even the decay value of every resonator. This simulation still don’t calculate newest portal defense enchantment run by number of links, but they are already researching it and they will add it soon.

You can even set up portal by preconfiguring values. Example: portal set up by L6 Player with maxed out resonators per that level: 2 L6, 2 L5 and 4 L4 resonators, and put in the optimal positioning.

After you set it up, you can also get Portal Configuration Permalink that will remember all your settings and you can call simulation in matter of seconds.

On the right you have portal visualization and you can turn heat map – very useful. The read areas are ones that tell you where is best place to hit. And this changes with every level of XMP you select. Simulator can even calculate damage in percentage why you hover on possible attack locations. And attack are simulated by clicking on the map. Here is demo of using L3 XMP’s to destroy L4 portal made by L6 Agent, with no shields:

After simulation, you will get a list of your attacks and its effectiveness:


This tool is great for simulating attack on your targets, but it’s also great tool for learning how to attack. After playing with the tool for 1-2 hour everyone will learn a lot about attacking, and that is only advantage that you have on the field. Be smarter about using your XMP’s.

End line: Ingress Portal Attack Simulator is tremendous resource for every Ingress agent, and if you utilize it properly it can give you much needed edge on the field.

Enjoy it: IPAS site

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  1. gotta say the integration of this tool into the iitc app is one of the best ideas ever, it has really helped me teach the lower level agents in my area how to attack. and when im bored i love to use it just to play around with different techniques

  2. Not Available on

    The shields are never destroyed, so not 100% accurate. Basically, it’s an overestimate of the number of XMPs that are needed if shields exist.

  3. Adrian O Galicia on

    is this tool still mantained? I am a programmer, I can help you update it if needed

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Simulate XMP Attacks with Ingress Portal Attack Simulator (IPAS)

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