Ingress: Recycle Items for XM


From today version of Ingress 1.25.1 you can recycle items to gain XM. Better than just dropping them and cluttering map with all the unwanted items.


I did some testing and here is what I found out:

Media Items:

XM Gain = Media Item Level * 20

Power Cubes:

XM Gain = Power Cube Level * 20


XM Gain = Resonator Level * 20

XMP Bursters:

XM Gain = XMP Level * 20

Table for Media, Resonators, XMP & Power Cubes:

  • L1 = 20 XM
  • L2 = 40 XM
  • L3 = 60 XM
  • L4 = 80 XM
  • L5 = 100 XM
  • L6 = 120 XM
  • L7 = 140 XM
  • L8 = 160 XM


  • Common = 40 XM
  • Rare = 80 XM
  • Very Rare = 100 XM

Portal Keys:

Key = 20 XM

Other Info:

One more think, you can recycle items that are higher level than you, so L2 agents can recycle L8 Items!

And I think that Recycle option on Power Cubes is wrong… Let see it like this, if there is 5000 XM contained in L5 power cube, shouldn’t recycling it give you same amount of XM… There is also issue with recycling items that are higher than you, so Niantic can’t give low level agents to obtain all XM from high level power cubes… By my opinion, recycle option should be removed for cubes.

What do you think about recycle option for Power Cubes?

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  1. agree, on powercubet it doesn’t make sense, if you are bale to use tham. But otherwhise it makeing sense to be able to recycle even PC

  2. Yes, recycling Power Cubes is stupid… I also wish they somehow explain things a little better… I mistakenly recycled a key this morning.

  3. I think there’s to much pressure on xm and less on the dynamic of the game. Recycling Power cubes is nonsense since they do already provide xm’s. As for the other items, I would think more useful to recycle resonators to get different type resonators or xmp’s (or viceversa) or the ability to store portal keys in folders rather than having to scroll all the times between the many of them to get to the one you need. As for media, you could get a passcode once you collect a certain amount of them and don’t use them. Well, just examples, but …

  4. Alexandre on

    There is only one single situation where recycle power cubes seems to make sense… when low level agents needs XM desperately and cannot use higher levels power cubes. For example, a L1 agent recycling a L8 cube.

  5. I think the reason for being able to recycle PC is that a low lever player can still get XM from a high level PC. Not much, but if you desperately need those 160 XM, you will take the possibility and recycle a precious L8 PC.

  6. I’m more impressed with the sorting of keys by distance. Recycling 200+ R1s will net me less XM than just leaving Ingress open while I ride the bus. So it’s not as good as getting Power Cubes as far as XM goes, but it’s a decent way to get rid of lower level (or higher level I guess) items that might otherwise just take up inventory. This also means you won’t see farms with smatterings of media and low level bursters any more. :)

  7. After all it’s a better from a developer perspective I’d say: First implement recycling and later make exceptions. Also I think you only recycle PC once and then you should have learned your lesson – if not: Life’s hard :)

  8. I don’t see a point in this PC “issue”. Unless people think nobody should be able to recycle anything higher than his own level. If you think it is ok for a L1 agent to recycle a L2 resonator, then there is no sense in this argument. If you have the same level or higher as the PC, USE it and refill your XM. You are lower? Recycle and live happily ever after. (but that’s just me and my simple way to see life :)

  9. Pat McCarthy on

    Unless you can do things in bulk, it’s not going to be worth it.
    By the time I get 20 level 1 XMPs turned in, for the measly 20 XM each, done 1 at a time, the environment will probably have regenerated 3 or 4 times, and I’ll be full (grin)
    – Seriously, still need the ability to work with object “stacks”

  10. Rick Fambry on

    I would like to see the ability to make power cubes when your xm is full, tap the xm bar and click on “create cube” button so that you can store away xm or make tactical drop off gifts for friends that need xm.. And on portal keys, there should be a confirm recycle dialog box… Last thing you wanna do is recycle a key that you didn’t mean to…. And yeah, recycling power cubes is kind of ridiculous… why would you recycle something to make less of it? :-\

    • I like your idea of creating cubes with excess XM… confirmation for recycling keys: ABSOLUTELY!!! I already recycled a key I didn’t mean to…

      Finally it would be awesome if they implemented a feature like Diablo’s Horadric Cube (a transmutation device) where you can feed say 3 LV1 resonators and get 1 LV2… “recipes” for this transmutation box could be very diverse and make low level items valuable in a different way… also, the box could be based on percentages so that the recipes are not 100% predictable… that is 3 LV5 resonators have 90% change of getting you 1 LV4 something but 10% of getting you something else

  11. Pat McCarthy on

    Ummm… on the confirm…
    Oh heck no!!
    Look, I am already complaining about the time to select and burn each XMP… you wanna add a confirm page too?

    But… Bundling all the above…
    How about
    1. Select a big stack (Say… 100 Level 1 XMPs)
    2. Select “Assemble”
    3. Get: 1 Cube, filled with all the XM goodness from all the XMPs, ready to use when you REALLY need it….

    (Perhaps make this something that you can only do at level 8, or you need “special” LevelX cubes to fill…..)

  12. John O'Driscoll on

    I’d rather drop what i don’t want for others to play with than recycle for the little XM you get.

    Also, I’ve recycled several items in error because of the crappy location and size of the recycle button.

  13. O’Drscoll, I think you have hit the nail on the head there. If the XM gain from recycling was increased to a certain degree I would not imagine high level players would be as willing as I have experienced to give items to newbies. By keeping the XM gain from recycling items low, they still encourage a free trade of items as well as offering a way to clear inventory if you desperately need space.

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Ingress: Recycle Items for XM

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